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    Welcome to Toad Hall, home of the world-renowned WxToad. The WxToad started this site a a few years ago to share his various interests, such as traveling in his Lazy Daze motorhome, reviews of 400 campgrounds at which he and Mrs. WxToad have stayed, interesting places they have visited all around this great USA, enhancements to their Lazy Daze and railroad photos dating back 50 years. You will also find here a list of books the WxToad has read over the past few years. Choose your pleasure from the menu above.

    Take a few minutes to wander through Toad Hall; I hope you'll find something of interest. Feel free to use the Contact Me form to send me your bouquets and brickbats.

    You may have noticed that the WxToad has ceased his Musings. But.....he does occasionally rant a bit and post lots of tidbits of no particular importance on his Facebook page.

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    Kirk Creek CG, CA



    Maine Central RR, Harts Location, NH