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March 2013

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30 Mar 13: Nanny-government liberal mayor Michael Bloomberg is bank-rolling a major gun control media blitz, saying over and over that "we have to look out for the children." My question is: if liberals are so set on protecting children, why are they not opposed to abortion?


24 Mar 13: I'm seriously thinking about taking most of my money out of the bank before Obama decides to follow the lead of Cyprus and confiscate it. With his insistence on taxing and taxing some more, it wouldn't surprise me if he issued a presidential directive to do what Cyprus has decided to do: reach directly into private bank accounts and take a good hunk of the money. And isn't it great how wisely the government spends it? Just a few days ago VP Biden spent over a million dollars on a two-night trip to Europe - one night in Paris at a cost of $585,000.50 and another $459,388.65 for his night in London. And that's just the hotel costs. What about the costs of getting his "posse" over there with all their gear? But still no White House tours!


23 Mar 13: Border agents of the Department of Homel;and Security must have one of the most rewarding jobs in this country. They risk their lives to patrol our borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration. Just think how rewarding it must be to them when the Obama administration releases the illegals here in this country for political purposes. Whast happened to the president's oath to uphold the laws of the country? Makes me wonder why we don't simply eliminate the border agents - think of the money we'd well as a life now and then.


21 Mar 13: Ah yes, let's hear it for good ole liberal Massachusetts: The principal of Ipswich Middle School, David Fabrizio, has canceled the annual Honors Night, saying that it couild be "devastating" to students who failed to make the mark. Why isn't it "devastating" to those who did make the mark to not receive the honors they deserve for their hard work. Another great example of the liberals' dumbing down education.


20 Mar 13: Nearly 312,000 federal employees over $3.5 billion (yes - billion) in back taxes! These people who are living off the rest of us taxpayers certainly ought to be paying their share. Representative Jason Chaffetz, R-UT, has re-introduced the Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act, which recently passed a committee vote. A similar bill was passed in the House of Representatives last year, but the Senate refused to consider it. How come Dems want to keep going after the rich, but think it's OK for these deadbeats to get away with their tax delinquincy?


18 Mar 13: The US government, through the Department of Agriculture, spends millions of dollars every year working with Mexico to increase awareness of the US food stamp program, with no concern whether recipients are legal or illegal. Meanwhile, the same department says it will have to lay off hundreds of meat and poultry inspectors because of sequestration. Once again it appears that the Obama administration is doing its best to make the sequester hurt, by cutting high-visibility programs like meat and poultry inspection, but refusing to cut idiotic programs like this food stamp awareness program. Senate GOP members tried to cut funding for it, but Democrats refused.


16 Mar 13: National Security Letters (NSL's) - have you heard of them? I hadn't until recently. NSL's are an up-to-now mostly unknown provision of the Patriot Act, passed after the 9/11 attacks, which the FBI uses to demand customer information from banks, phone companies and other businesses. The letters are issued secretly, with no court order required, and the companies receiving them cannot talk about them. You don't think these are very common? Well, in 2011 16,511 of these letters were issued. But at last we have a US District Court judge, Susan Illston, who has stepped up protect the Consitutional rights of US citizens, saying the letters are unconstitutional. Of course, the Department of Justice will appeal her decision, wanting to continue the trampling of our rights.


14 Mar 13: More sequester news: It apparently doesn't apply to the government's hiring of interns, and we're not talking interns who work for free in return for learning about a job or career - these are high-paying positions with pay as high as $83,000! In the past 10 days 84 such intern opportunities have been posted on the federal employment website. So, for example, the Department of Agriculture which says it will have to lay off meat and poultry inspectors this year, has just posted 12 intern jobs. Is anyone getting as disgusted with our government as I am?


12 Mar 13: In the continuing effort to make the impacts of sequestration as painful and public as possible, the National Park Service (NPS) announced that, among many actions, Yellowstone National Park will open 2-3 weeks late this year. Ah well, no matter that many familes have made their vacation plans already. Meanwhile the NPS still plans to send officials to conferences. Here's an idea: why not shut off Old Faithful? Think of the energy wasted in heating that water every hour.


11 Mar 13:  Don't you just love the new Obama Doctrine: he'll kill American terrorists anywhere, but foreign terrorists are captured, brought back to the US for civil trial, and given Miranda rights that they can remain silent.


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