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March 2010

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29 Mar 10: Things never change. Now we learn that just a day after the healthcare bill was signed by Obama, the Stupak 11 have submitted earmark requests totalling $3.4 billion. That must be their pay-off for their vote.


28 Mar 10: OK - Obamacare got passed. So why is Presbo still flying off to some part of America every few days to stump for it ?? According to a governmental report, the cost of flying Air Force and its accompanying C-17 (with all the security and communications gear) is $76,000 per hour. What these figures do not show are the related costs for ground travel, advance preparation, security and who knows what else. Why does every speech have to be given away from DC?


25 Mar 10: Last Saturday, we decided to forego all the TV news - couldn't stomach the progressives crowing about their success in ramming Obamacare down our throats. Now they've tasted victory, I'm sure they'll waste no time getting to work on other "comprehensive" reforms: energy (they don't use the"cap and trade" words any more; immigration - you know that one's going to get through. Both Dems and the GOP want it - the Dems for all the new votes it will get them, and Republicans like the cheap labor. Done deal. And of course, they'll need to get going on the next, improved, more socialistic version of Obamacare.


19 Mar 10: Obama: "Cutting half a trillion dollars from Medicare will strengthen it." Huh ??


17 Mar 10: So whaddya think: we'll be paying billions into Obamacare for four years before the benefits begin - will our esteemed leaders in DC be able to keep their fingers out of the pot, so that the money will actually be there? Yeah, right.


16 Mar 10: Each day brings yet more pure amazement at the depths to which Obama, Pelosi and Reid will stoop to force Obamacare down our throats. The latest tactic being discussed is "Deemed to Pass", which would allow the House to pretend that they passed the Senate version and then work with the Senate to amend that bill. Yes, it's legal; yes, it's been used before (about 80 times in the past four years by both Dems and the GOP. But never for anything as major and drastic a change to society as this bill will cause. And what's really interesting is that four years ago Nancy Pelosi and Rep Slaughter (who proposed using this tactic) both filed Friends of the Court briefs siding with Ralph Nader's legal challenge of the GOP's use of "Deem and Pass" to raise the debt ceiling. Isn't it interesting how one's righteousness fades when one comes into power.

What gets me also is that if this bill is so wonderful and that all Americans will swoon over it once it's passed and get to see it......why do they have to stoop to these sleazy tricks to pass it? Congressmen who actually really support Obamacare are in the minority, and what we have here is a minority resorting to trickery to impose their will on the majority.


13 Mar 10: Today it's kudos to son Geoff, the Starving two regards. He just called to tell us that he won First Prize in the Monson Arts Council art show - worth $200! He's been painting for several years and this is his first award. But perhaps even more important is something that happened to him on Facebook. He connected with a school-mate who then contacted him to tell him that thanks to an act of kindness on his part back in high school he had saved her life. She was feeling really down and out one day and thinking of going home and ending it all. Geoff came along and sat down with her and just chatted a while. She told him yesterday in an email that his act of kindness turned her thoughts around. In telling us about it today, he said to his Mom: " I can't help think that you were the part of me that allowed me to have a tender side that day." Now does that make a parent proud or what ?!?!


10 Mar 10: Just when you think perhaps that the gang down in DC can't get any stupider....they do! The latest came from Speaker Nancy Pelosi Monday: "We have to pass the healthcare bill so you can see what's in it." Gee, Nancy, I find it's a lot smarter to know what's in something BEFORE buying it, not AFTER.

On top of that, have you been following all the various outrageous schemes being discussed to get this piece of crap passed. They're even talking about passing changes to the bill without having the original bill passed! This effort to ramrod something into law that most Americans do not want has to be the most extreme disregard for the Consititution and for legislative rules in our history.


3 Mar 10: Obama has named his members for the so-called Deficit Reduction Commission. Among them is good ole Andy Stern, head of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and a close friend and confidant of Obama. This is the SEIU that gave over $60 million dollars to the Obama campaign and Stern has since stated that he wants a return on his investment. He's also one of Obama's socialist cronies, having stated in an address at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, that it's time for a new economic plan driven by the government, not the private sector. He says it's time for shared prosperity, otherwise known as redistribution of wealth. He says the government has a rightful role in this redisitribution, using taxes as its major leverage. I'm still trying to figure out what happens after the government has taken all it can from those who work and given it to those who would not work and have squandered it ??


1 Mar 10: Obama just had his annual physical and passed with pretty good marks. But....he has not quit smoking! Is that the proper image for the top guy pushing for healthcare reform? There are those who think they are wise enough legislators to ban some food products they feel are bad for us, claiming that one reason for higher health coats is the poor eating habits of many of us. Interesting, though, that they don't bring up any mention of "prohibition" of alcohol and/or cigarettes, both of which undoubtedly are even costlier than poor food. Walk the talk, Mr. Obama, and give up those smokes.


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