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July 2010

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26 Jul 10: In the past several years a number of US cities have passed laws making themselves so-called Sanctuary Cities, safe harbors for illegal immigrants. In many, their police forces are prohibited from enforcing federal immigration laws. Interestingly enough, the US Justice Department has turned a blind eye to this flouting of federal law. But on the other hand, Obama and his Justice Department were quick to first criticize and then legally challenge Arizona's new immigration law which requires police to uphold federal immigration laws. Rather bizaar that he attacks a state that upholds federal law, yet allows those municipalities who violate federal law go unchallenged.


23 Jul 10: Three cheers for Chula Vista, CA !! Last month voters there approved a city ordinance banning "Project Labor Agreements" or PLAs. PLAs require contractors to pay all workers at union scale wages and benefits. Typically, unions support PLAs, and building contractors oppose PLAs. Chula Vista lost a major hotel and entertainment complex after investors refused to sign a PLA with unions and took the project elsewhere. San Diego County, which also recently adopted a similar measure, estimates it will save 10-20% on future projects. That's a savings of 10-20% for taxpayers. It's about time folks stood up to the exorbitant demands of unions.


21 Jul 10: Wouldn't you think Obama might have learned something from the Cambridge police vs Harvard professor fiasco last year? But no, yesterday he and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack both jumped to a totally incorrect conclusion about Shirley Sherrod, a Dept of Agricutlure emplyee, and forced her to resign over a video they saw on In that snippet of a video, she is shown giving a talk in which she admits that she didn't do as much as she could/should have done to help a white farmer about to lose his farm. Turns out, as is often the case, things aren't what they seem: the incident she's describing took place 24 years ago, and when the entire video was released late yesterday, it clearly showed that she was relating that incident to show how it affected her thinking and brought her to realize that it wasn't race that was the issue. Yet yesterday afternoon, within hours of the story breaking, Obama stood behind Vilsack's decision to force her to resign. Shame on you, Mr President, for not having the moral fortitude to get all the facts before jumping to a wrong conclusion. This isn't the first time; let's hope it's the last.


19 Jul 10: "Critics are lying when they say federal funds will be used for abortions" under healthcare reform. That was Obama on 19 August 2009. In March, as part of a deal to win the support of Bart Stupak and other Democratic holdouts, signed an Executive Order banning the use of federal funds for abortions. But apparently all that means nothing at all today. We learned a few days ago that Pennsylvania will be getting $160 millon dollars in federal aid to help set up its mandated health insurance pool, which among things, will fund abortions! And more recently it was revealed that Maryland's $85 million in federal aid will be used in its pool which also funds abortions. My objection has nothing to do with the pro-life debate, but everything to do with honesty and integrity. Why do we put up with these politicians that tell blatant out and out lies?


13 Jul 10: VP Joe Biden was on the Tonight Show last Friday. Host Jay Leno brought up the recent spy swap with Russia, asking if getting only four of our guys back in exchange for 10 Russians was a good deal. Biden replied in the affirmative, saying they "were very, very good." Well, if they were so good, how did they get caught?


12 Jul 10: “Any health care program that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must, MUST, redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poor and less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.”

“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care -- the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. And right now, we are doing it blindly."

These are the words of Donald Berwick, the man Obama has appointed to head the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. And in the manner of his so-called transparent government, he used a recess appointment so as to avoid any Senate debate about Berwick’s rather outrageous comments. Recess appointments are usually used when a president’s appointee is held up in the Senate with little hope of progress. In Berwick’s case, Obama’s own party, was stalling the confirmation process because they didn’t have the stomach for the fiery debate they knew it would cause.

Now I’m really glad I cut up my AARP card - the AARP supports this guy!


10 Jul 10: Came across something interesting today: I've been doing Sudoku's for the past few years and a basic premise of them is that there is one and only one solution, and up until now I've found that to be true. But as I got near the completion of one today, I found that the final four squares I had to fill could be done either of two ways. Quite odd.


7 Jul 10: In Philadelphia at the time of the 2008 election, Black Panthers were video-taped outside a polling place with a baton wearing military-type clothings, clearly intimidating white voters. They were later charged with voter intimidation. So far, so good. But just the other day Obama's Department of Justice dismissed the charges against all but one, despite the fact it was a clearly winnable case. Equal justice for all ? Something stinks here. Especailly when a high-ranking DOJ official resigned in protest and testifed in Congress.


1 Jul 2010: Forty million doses of swine flu vaccine passed their expiration date yesterday and will be destroyed. That's $260 million down the drain. Another 30 million doses will expire soon. And this is the government that thinks it can run health care?


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