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November 2010

mrtoad balance
26 Nov 10: Just wondering - how come the liberals who ranted so about the Patriot Act are OK with the obscene TSA scans or pat-downs?


22 Nov 10: So how about all the hulaballoo over the new TSA screenings? Which would you prefer: agents looking at a picture of a naked you.....or a full hands-on pat-down, down to fondling your genitalia? How would you like to be the fellow with the urostomy bag that TSA agents knocked loose, drenching him with his own urine? How would you like to be a breast cancer survivor and be forced to show the TSA agent your prosthetic breast? How would you like to be a Mom and have your three-year-old child taken from your arms and from your sight to be fondled? Don't you think this is just a little excessive? John Pistole, the TSA chief said yesterday: "I think it’s also safe to say that there has been a reaction that not many people could have predicted -- including myself.” Well, if that is how he thinks, then that only confirms how clueless the idiots in Washington are.

The other thought I have regarding this screening is that it is being done to passengers traveling within the country. As I recall, the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber got on planes in foreign countries and were traveling to the US. Screening Grandma and three-year tots within the US fails miserably to address cases like those.

I wonder how long it will be before the TSA and FAA go after general aviation - the private and business aircraft that ply our airways?


17 Nov 10: Quite the interesting fuss over the new full-scan body scanners being introduced by our friends at the TSA. Them or the alternative full-hand, full-body pat down, complete with a "sliding hand motion" over one's private parts. Is anyone surprised that travelers aren't exactly pleased with this? Now for the really good part: Janet Napolitano was asked if muslim women wearing their traditional garb would subjected to the scans or pat-downs. Her reply: special circumstances may need to be addressed! So what's she seems to be saying is that very people that we're trying to protect ourselves from may get a pass on being inspected! Are they all totally insane in Washington??


10 Nov 10: Three cheers for the Food Police. San Francisco has voted to ban the inclusion of toys in McDonalds' Happy Meals......unless the meal is under 600 calories and contains fruits and/or vegetables. Since when is it the government's place to tell me what I can and cannot eat? C'mon, folks - where does this crap stop?


9 Nov 10: Well, so much for the elections...and all those endless, negative campaign ads. The GOP managed to break the Dem's overall grip on the government by winning a majority in the House of Representatives. But did you watch President Obama's news conference the following day? Do you think he "got it"? NOT! He amazingly does not understand why the electorate voted as it did. He says the vote shows the dissatisfaction with the economy and lack of jobs. I think the vote results show the dissatisfaction with Obama's and the Dem's overall liberal, progressive policies and their "damn the public, ram those bills through" mentality. Bills like Obamacare. But now the big question remains - will there be a meaningful change in Washington's actions? Don't hold your breath.


2 Nov 10: Here's a great example of American fair play at work: Over the weekend, the Democratic governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, ordered state highway workers to remove all Republican campaign signs they could, even those on private property! And the workers received overtime pay for their illegal trespassing and theft.


1 Nov 10: Let's kick off November with a great story about Al know, the guy running around telling us the sky is falling thanks to man's contributions to so-called global warming. According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, Gore was in Sweden recently to give a lecture on "sustainable development", whatever that is. But....he left his rental car parked outside for an hour with the engine running! Meanwhile he had asked guests to take public transportation to the lecture so as to reduce caerbon emissions. Swedish law has tought fines for this'll be interesting to to see if he's charged and fined. C'mon, Al....walk the talk.


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