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Rood Creek COE, GA

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Rood Creek Park, operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, is located about 10 miles north-northeast of Eufaula, AL, on the GA side of Walter F. George Reservoir. It's a small, no-frills park popular with fisherman. Because it has little in the way of amenities, there is no fee for overnight camping. Campsites are intended primarily for tenters, although there are a few where an RV can manage to fit. From the main road, GA-39, it is about 1.3 miles down a good dirt road to the park.

rood creek02
Rood Creek is strictly first-come/first served. We arrived late on a Monday morning in late March, Spring Break week, and found several sites available. None of them were really intended for an RV,, but being fairly small we were able to squeeze our way through the trees to a very nice waterfront site overlooking Rood Creek.

Date of visit: March 2015

rood creek03
Sites here are not numbered, but I did count 20 of them. If they were numbered, our site would have been 8, while here are the neighboring sites to our left, 9 and 10 (the trailer is on 10).

rood creek12
The RV is on what I would deem to be site 8; beside it to the right is site 7.

rood creek13
Site 2, like virtually all sites, is right at the creek's edge.

rood creek16
In one area is a group of 6 tent sites, all fairly close together. You could probably manage to get a van or popup camper in near one or two of them.

rood creek17
Site 17 is close to the road. These folks set up their popup in the parking space beside the site.

rood creek18
Site 18.

rood creek19
Down at the end of the camp loop road are sites 19 and 20.

rood creek11
Near the center of the campground is this simple pit toilet. There is no water available here.

rood creek14
Near the start of the road into the campground area, beside the boat ramp, is a dock. The shoreline seems to be a popular spot for fishing as well.

rood creek06
The boat ramp is quite popular with both campers and day-use folks. There is a $3 fee for launching a boat.

rood creek05
There were quite a few trucks and trailers lined up in the day-use parking lot, their owners out fishing.

rood creek07
Beyond the boat ramp is a picnic area. Apparently there have been problems in the past with folks trying to camp in this area, for there were a number of large sigs saying No Camping.

rood creek08
Just past the picnic area the road dwindled to a path into the woods. In hopes it be a nice walk, I started down it, only to shortly run into a locked gate, visible in the distance. "US Government Property - No Trespassing", the sign said. Hmmm, doesn't that mean that it belongs to you and me?

rood creek10
There was a lot of tree damage all through the park, obviously from a fairly recent major storm. Here, near sites 2 and 3, these trees had been trimmed of dangerous limbs.

rood creek15
More storm damage.

rood creek20
All in all, we were quite content here.


 20 sites, no hookups - free

Pit toilet

No water or dump station

Coordinates: 32.025025 N, 85.036778 W

Elevation: 212'


Boating, fishing

Historic Eufaula