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  • Cupsuptic Campground, ME


    Cupsuptic CG is located on Rt 16 about 4 miles north of Oquossoc, ME. Oquossoc is at the northwest end of Rangeley Lake. The campground is open all year round. It's nothing fancy and the first impression as you drive in isn't the greatest, but we found it a very adequate spot for a short-stay. Fishermen, ATV'ers and snowmobilers would love it here.

    Tel 207 864-5249

    There are a few sites right on the shore of Lake Cupsuptic - we were fortunate to get # IV. It was a rainy afternoon when we arrived, so the view could have been a bit better.

    Date of Visit: Sep '06

    Rate: $27.00 + Taxes

    What a diffeence a day makes! A cold front with its rain came through overnight and brought us a beautiful New England fall day.

    There are 57 campsites, most with W/E (20A) hookups. Sites along Toothaker Brook, shown here, are the ones w/o hookups. There is a dump station near the CG exit.

    Most sites are quite wooded, but there are a few that are more open.

    Another view of two waterfront sites.

    There are quite a few seasonal sites.

    Here is the beach along the campground's shoreline. You can rent boats, kayaks and canoes.

    Here's the view from our site, looking across the lake at the fantastic fall colors covering the hillside.

    A delightful afternoon for a campfire.

    There were some of the tamest ducks we've ever seen.

    I don't usually show pictures of the seasonal sites, but.... I couldn't pass up this one, with its steel fireplace and outside bar.

    The bathhouse is fairly new, clean, and offers hot showers.

    If you want to bring your own boat along, there is a boat launch and a good-sized dock for tying up.

    The office is rather tiny and a bit cluttered, but the staff was very friendly and courteous.