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  • Reversing Falls Park, ME

     Reversing Falls Park is located on a peninsula a few miles south of Pembroke, Maine. The falls is actually an impressive tidal eddy over large rocks in Cobscook Bay, which reverses nearly instantaneously -- there is no "slack water" between tides. The water rushing over the rocks gives the impression of a waterfall. This a definitely a primitive place to camp, with not even a sign with the name of the park.

    reversing falls12
    I came across Reversing Falls Park while researching campgrounds for my Ultimate US Public Campgrounds Project and decided to check it out on a trip down the Maine coast. Upon entering the park, the road splits into two; we headed to the right and decided to park right down near the water, at the edge of the small turn-around.

    Date of visit: July 2014

    reversing falls05
    The road that goes to the left ends at a small parking area, where a short trail leads down to the rocks beside the falls. There is a more level area here where it would be a little easier to park an RV, but you can't really see the water from there.

    reversing falls14
    Most of the signs of camping appear to be off the right-hand road. There is even a small loop road with some tent sites and a spot or two suitable for an RV, such as this trailer.

    reversing falls13
    It appears that one can set up a tent just anywhere one likes. There were signs of a number of impromptu fire rings here and there in the tall grass.

    reversing falls08
    Here you can see how close to the water we were parked.

    reversing falls03
    As to the falls, here it is. The tide is coming in from the left through a narrow opening and over rocks, making it very turbulent.

    reversing falls18
    These fellows came by in a small boat. Wisely, they did not venture into the rough water and turned around.

    reversing falls11
    The tide is approaching its highest point and is beginning to calm down a bit. It wasn't long at all before we could see it reversing and heading back out.

    reversing falls02
    Right beside where we were parked was a tiny cemetery. There were three headstones - two were quite old, while the third was more recent, for a young man (29) who died in a fishing boat accident in 2009.

    From the Bangor Daily News, 26 Jan 2011:

    In October 2009, the fishing vessel Bottom Basher sank with three men on board — boat owner Joseph Jones, 29, of Trescott, Daryl Cline, 41, of Machiasport and Norman Johnson, 57, of Cutler. Searchers found the body of Cline the day after the sinking and recovered the remains of Johnson in December 2009. Jones’ body has not been recovered, nor has his boat, the Bottom Basher.



    Fee: None

    Coordinates: 44.883299 North, -67.133216 West

    Elevation: Sea Level