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     Barton Cove Recreation Area is located just east of Greenfield, MA on US Route 2, the Mohawk Trail. It is a tent-only facility with 28 campsites. That being said, there are two sites set aside for small RV's. Boating is a major activity here on the Connecticut River, with the park being located just above the Turners Falls Dam. The campground is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

    Tel: 413-863-9300

    Date of visit: Oct 2017

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    The first area one comes across after passing the day-use area are the two group areas. One can hold up to fifty people while the slightly smaller site can handle 30 people.

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    The first of three vault toilets in the campground is located in the group area.

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    Just past the group area are two sites, 30 and 31, for small RV's. They do not provide any hookups, but are quite level.

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    After passing the two RV sites, one finds a gate that is kept closed and locked. Campers are allowed to take their vehicles to their campsite twice: once to drop off their gear and then again to pick it up when departing. They are asked to ensure that the gate is kept closed and locked when not in use.

    A short distance past the gate is site 1 with the Connecticut River in the background.

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    Site 3 is on the "inland" side of the camp road with no view of the river.

    All the more desirable sites are on the left side of the road as one goes into the campground.

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    Each site has a picnic table, fire pit, raised barbeque grill and a raised tent pad. This is site 5.

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    For prviacy one can't beat site 6. It's up a little rise from the road on the "inland" side - no view.

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    Site 11 is on the bluff overlooking the Connecticut River. There is no river access from the campsites.

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    Another "inland" site is 12.

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    One of the sites with a better view of the river is 17.

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    Site 18 is also right along the edge of the bluff with a great view through the trees.

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    I could be quite happy on site 21.

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    Nearing the end of the nearly mile-long campground we find site 23, tucked up on the hillside.

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    Just past site 23 is a vault toilet. There is a third one located partway along the camp road near site 9.

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    Site 24 also has a good view of the water,

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    Likewise, site 25 also provides a nice vista.

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    At the very end of the road is site 26.

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    The geology here is quite interesting with lots of rocky area that go straight down to the water. There are several lookout points and a nature trail.

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    In the day-use area is a pleasant picnic area in a wooded area at the edge of the cove. Due to the rocky shoreline there is no swimming area here.

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    Boaters will find a dock where they can tie up their boats. There is no boat launch in the park, but there is a public launch just down the road.


    28 sites with no hookups - $22


    Central water tap at entrance to campground

    Showers at the Ranger Station

    3 vault toilets

    Canoe & kayak rentals


    Boating, fishing, canoeing

    Ranger station coordinates: 42.602556, -72.533368

    Elevation: 252ft ~ 77m

    Campsite Map

    barton cove ma map