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  • City of Rocks SP, NM

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    City of Rocks State Park is located in Faywood, NM, about halfway between Deming and Silver City in southwest New Mexico. The park offers 45 non-hookup sites nestled among the pillars of rocks, as well as 10 sites with electric and water hookups.



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      After entering the park, one passes this old wind mill on the way to the campground. The 10 electric sites are just to the left of the wind mill, while the primitive sites are located among the rocks in the left distance.

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    We're on site 7, Uranus. Every site is named - the electric sites are named for the planets, while the sites among the rocks are named for stars and galaxies.

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    Sites 1-4.

    city of rocks04
    Sites 5-10.

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    Site 1, Bootes, shows how the primitive sites are nestled up to the rocks.

    city of rocks07
    This is site 2, Canes Venatici.

    city of rocks19
    Sites 4, 5 and 6.

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    You can certainly hide your tent away in site 6, Lyra Vega Star.

    city of rocks21
    Site 7, Monoceros - I hope that rock stays up there.

    city of rocks24
    Site 9, Phoenix.

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    Here you can see how City of Rocks arises out of the plains. That's site 24, Hercules, down to the right.

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    Site 16, Cassiopeia, is located in the Pegasus Campground up at the north end of the park.

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    Part of a three-mile hiking trail cross through the center of the "city".

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    At times you have to turn a bit sideways to sidle through narrow passages.

    city of rocks34
    Along the trail.

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    The Gene and Elizabeth Simon Observatory contains a 14-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain LX200 GPS telescope. The telescope is mounted on a robo-pier that moves it to the exact eye level of the observer while maintaining its position on a particular object. Capable of finding and tracking 145,000 celestial objects (whose exact coordinates are stored in the telescope's database), the 100-percent-made-in-USA LX200 series of telescopes are considered "the optical standard.". Campers can participate in star-gazing activities.

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    A heated bathhouse offers free hot showers. It's located at the Visitors Center, a short walk from the campground.


    55 sites: 10 E(30/50A)/W - $14, 45 sites w/o hookups - $10

    Showers available

    No dump station

    Verizon Broadband Access (EVDO) service

    Coord: 32.588455 N, 107.974366 W

    Activities/Nearby Attractions


    Simon Astronomical Observatory

    Gila Cliff Dwellings

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    Emory Pass