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    Fort Fisher Recreation Area is an Air Force-operated facility located in Kure Beach, NC, about 18 miles south of Wilmington, NC. Among the amenities offered are tent and RV sites, rental cottages, restaurant, swimming pool,+ boat launch, fishing pier and recreation building. Please note that use is restricted to military personnel only.

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    We had called for a reservation the day before our planned arrival, but it wasn't really necessary - there were a number of vacant sites in the regular RV park and the overflow area was completely empty. We had opted for an electric-only site in the overflow area; the rate was less and there was at least a view of the Cape Fear River. This is site 19.

    Date of visit: Nov- 2014

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    The main RV area is located beside an area of rental cabins, and in fact a few of the RV sites are between permanent buildings. Here is site 16.

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    Sites 1 and 2 are located between two of the rental cabins.

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    Sites 3 and 4 are more spacious, as are most of the other sites.

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    Sites 5-8.

    Sites 1-16 all have full hookups, including CATV.

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    Sites 11-9.

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    At the majority of the sites, as here on sites 12 and 11, the hookups are on the wrong side, so many folks choose to pull in frontwards. This is one reason I carry a 30-amp extension cord and extra hoses.

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    SThis small bathhouse and laundry facility is located at the end of the RV park road. It is heated with free showers. The laundry room has two washers and two dryers, $.75 each.

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    The overflow has 9 sites, placed rather randomly in an area in front of the Reception Center. Two of them have sewer hookups and all but two have a 25' limit.

    Site 17 is snugged up beside the Fire House. It is on a concrete pad and water and electric hookups.

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    On the other side of the Fire House is site 18, which is a grass site with water and electric hookups.

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    Site 21 is one with a sewer connection and has a cement pad. it can handle rigs up to 40'.

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    Sites 22-24 are grass sites next to the outdoor stage. They have electric-only hookups and are limited to 25', although I don't see why.

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    Site 25 qualifies as the best site at Fort Fisher. It's a grass site right behind the stage where you can park your rig with a great view of the Cape Fear River in front of you. It's drawback is that is limited to 25'.

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    For those who prefer to rough it a bit, there is a tenting area. Sites are undesignated, but there must be room for at least 40-50 tents. There is also a yurt that can be rented.

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    There's a very simple dump station up in the overflow area.

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    There is lots to do here in the summer. The ocean is just a short walk across the highway and there is a swimming pool.

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    Beside the pool is a recreation center. Among its amenities is a small gym area. Bicycles can be rented here.

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    There is a fishing pier and boat ramp out into the river.

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    Canoes and kayaks can be rented.

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    During the summer season there is a restaurant where one can dine watching the sunset over the river.

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    The open stage in the middle of the overflow area is home to the annnualSeafood, Blues & Jazz Festival. Delicious food and great music in October.


    16 campsites with W/E(20/30/50A)/CATV hookups - $25

    9 overflow sites: $15-$25

    Open all year

    Dump station, showers, laundry ($.75), free wi-fi

    Excellent VZW coverage

    Coordinates: 33.9813 North, 77.91442 West

    Elevation: 13'


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