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    Twin Lakes COE Campground is a beautiful spot on the east side of Lake Hartwell, near Clemson SC. It offers 102 campsites, all with W/E(50/30A) hookups. 89 of the sites are waterfront. This facility rates near the very top of our list of campgrounds.


    Since we had planned to be here for the entire week of Thanksgiving, we had made a reservation for site 92, which we had noted last year as one of our favorites - on a point of land and quite private.

    Date of visit: Nov 2008

    On our last visit in Nov 2007, we had a very nice waterfront site - 47.

    All the campground roads are paved - great for walking and biking. There are several camping loops. Here we're walking toward the lake, with sites 69 and 70 on the right.

    Site 73 is right at the water's edge near the beach.

    Even sites that aren't waterfront are very nice. This is site 99.

    Site 26.

    Sites 33 and 32 are at the end of a point of land.

    Sites 43 and 42 would be great for two families spending a camping vacation together.

    The view from site 28.

    This scene looking across to sites 60-65 shows how low the water level was at the time of our visit.

    Site 49.

    Site 22 was high on our list for a great site.

    Site 4 was another top pick - large, waterfront, and private.

    Site 12 is another great site, interesting in that it is a pull-in site.

    Site 7 is a large site, with the lake just off to the left.

    Site 76 ranks right up there with site 92 as one of the best. In fact, we moved to it for the last two nights of our 2008 stay.

    If you have children with you, site 96 has a play area right behind it.

    There are 5 bathhouses located throughout the campground. Only one is heated, but all do offer free hot showers. The heated bathhouse is located in the 70's loop.

    Kids have several playgrounds to use.

    For fishermen and recreational boaters there is a boat ramp. Again, you can see how low the water was in Nov 2007.

    Things had only gotten worse by the time of our Nov 2008 visit. The ramps are now unuseable.

    This shows how far the low water has receded from the normal shoreline. That's our LD n the center by the pine tree; normally the water would be just a few feet from our rig.

    This morning the temperature was 19 degrees at sunrise. The cold air over the warmer water created steam fog over the lake, which quickly burned off as the sun rose.

    That same day treated us to a gorgeous sunset.


    Dump station, showers

    Verizon Broadband Access service

    Rates: $20-$22 (50% off with Golden Age Pass)

    Nearby Attractions

    Clemson University

    South Carolina Botanical Garden

    Coordinates: 34.627843 N, 82.850436 W


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