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    Warrior's Path State Park is located on the outskirts of Kingsport, TN. It was named for the park's proximity to an ancient war and trading path used by the Cherokee. The park has an unusual range of amenities besides the campground, including a marina, riding stables and a golf course.


    This was our second visit to Warriors' Path SP. Plenty of sites to choose from on this late March stop. Here we are on aite C-49.

    Had a little "incident" when we first arrived. Park policy is to send you to pick out a site and occupy it, then go back to office to register. Which is exactly what we did. We left the RV on the site and walked up to the office to pay. When we returned, there was a Class C parked in front of our site. A fellow got it and not so politely informed me that we were on his site. I replied that I didn't think so, that we just registered and paid for the site, showing him the receipt.He said they had picked that site and gone back to pay for it, only to be told that it was taken. So he called the office, who sent down a ranger, who listened to both sides. The other guy was adamant that it was his site, while the ranger said that I had followed the proper steps. The ranger took me aside and asked very nicely if I would consider giving up the site, since the other guy was so determined to get. Finally I relented and agreed to move. So do you think the guy had a "Thank you" for me? Heck no. Grrrr!

    Date of visit: Mar 2012

    Last year (2011) we were here in mid-April and there were lots of empty sites. We ended up near the end of the camping loop on site B-29.

    This is site A-22.

    Sites lettered in the "A" loop, on the left, are along a ridge that look down over the river, but once the leaves are fully out, I doubt there's much of a view of the water. Here are sites A-14 to A-19.

    Sites A-11 and A-13 are on the inner side of the loop.

    Site C-53.

    Almost all the "A" sites are rather small and close to the road; site A-4 is one of the smallest and closest.

    The large site on the right, C-73, is one of the handicapped sites near the main bathhouse. To the left is site C-72.

    For a slightly better lake view, you might like sites C-68 or C-69. Any of these sites could be called water-view, but not waterfront. It's a ways down a steep bank to the river.

    Site C-63 (foreground) and sites C-61.

    Site C-50.

    Sites B-41, B-39 and B-38.

    Site D-75.

    Site 81.

    Sites D-86 and D-88 have a better view of the water.

    The main bathhouse, the only one with showers, is located near the campground entrance. It is heated (VERY much so - it must have been close to 95 in there!) and provides free hot showers, but not much privacy when showering - individual shower stalls, but a common dressing area.

    At the far end of the main loop is a play area and a smaller bathroom - without showers.

    From the campground there is a path that leads down to a trail that flows the shoreline around both sides of the peninsula on which the campground is located. This path is very much worn into the ground, suggesting that it was used many years ago by Indians and/or early settlers.

    As you can see, the trail follows the shoreline closely.


    94 sites with W/E(30/50A)

    Two dump stations available

    Verizon Broadband Access (EVDO) service

    Rates: $20

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    Coord: 36.49728 N, 82.49418 W


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