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Kingsville NAS, TX

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Kingsville NAS is located on the east side of Kingsville, which is in turn about 45 miles southwest of Corpus Christi. Utilizing the T-45 Goshawk jet trainer, Training Wing Two's primary mission is to train tactical jet pilots for the United States Navy and Marine Corps.


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The base is small and it's easy to find the FAMCAMP, located behind the Outdoor Recreation office. We had called the day prior to our arrival to check on site availability. Since we were arriving on Saturday, Reggie in Outdoor Rec gave our name to the Camp Hostess, Marilyn, who was expecting us. We had a choice of three sites - we selected site S, for its well-positioned canopy. The disadvantage with these sites is that all hookups are on the wrong side. A further annoyance was the plugged-up sewer drain at our site.

Date of visit: Jan 2012

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Sites A-E are theoretically the short-stay sites. They have full hookups, but are not paved and the cabanas are located on the wrong side.

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At one end of the camp loop are three tent sites. The RV is on site V.

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Sites W-Y, all occupied by long-term rental trailers.

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Sites N-P on the left, W-Y on the right.

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Sites F-J.

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The bathhouse is small but clean and with free hot showers. There are two individual private bathrooms with sink, shower and toilet. In the middle is a small laundry room with one washer and one dryer.

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We arrived on Saturday and the weekend was quite quiet. But on Monday the regular training schedule kicked in and we were treated to the noise of the T-45 Goshawk trainers as the pattern took them right over the campground.


25 sites w/ FHU, 3 tent sites

Dump station available

Verizon Broadband Access (EVDO) service

Rates: $15/day, $80/week, $290/month

Coord: 27.498406 N, 97.821857 W

Activities/Nearby Attractions

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