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Yellowstone NP, Grant CG, WY

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The Grant Village Campground is located in the south-central part of Yellowstone NP on the southwest side of Yellowstone Lake. It's a large concessionnaire-operated facility with 138 tent sites and 139 RV sites. There are also 3 loops for tenting groups only.

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It took us two tries to get an acceptable site when we checked in. We were first assigned site 323, which turned out to be very small and very tilted. We went back to the office and asked for a different site.

Date of visit: Sep 2011

grant ynp07
The second time they put us on site 389, which although very shaded, was at least large enough for us and was reasonably level.

grant ynp04

Odd-numbered sites 293-309 are the closest there is to water-front property. The campground is up on a bluff, but there is at least a view of the lake from these sites.

grant ynp05
Site 214 is a sunny back-in site.

grant ynp06
Unfortunately I lost my notes, so I can't give specific site numbers.

grant ynp08
Most sites are pull-offs on the side of the road, while there are some back-in sites on the corners.

grant ynp10
One of the sunnier pull-off sites.

grant ynp11
Sites 244 and 246...I think.

grant ynp09
There are a number of these little bathrooms throughout the campground. They offer cold-water sinks and toilets. Pay showers are located about half a mile outside the campground entrance - not real convenient. $2.00 for 6 minutes.

grant ynp12
Some canoers enjoying an evening paddle on the lake, seen from the bluff in the campground.


Dump station, Pay Showers, Laundry available

Verizon Broadband Access (EVDO) service

Rates: $20 (50% discount with Golden Age Pass)

Coord: 44.39594 N, 110.56438 W

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