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  • Hard-wiring Satellite Dish Elevation Display


    A common complaint with the Winegard DM4000 satellite dish elevation indicator is that it likes to eat up 9-volt batteries. Even though the display shuts off after several seconds, a battery would last only a short time. The indicator is designed to operate from either 9-volt or 12-volt power sources. Being not a great wizard with a soldering iron, I contacted Winegard and they kindly provided, free of charge, the 12-volt plug that fits into the black jack on the right in the photo. (The left jack is the 3-pin connector for the wiring from the dish). 



     I was able to snake a pair of power wires through the ceiling hole and then down to the area behind the TV where I have my "media/comm center" controls. I wired it into the 12V regulated power supply that I use for the TV, so that it receives power only when the TV is on. I soldered the short leads from the Winegard connector to my power wires, and of course, taped them before stuffing them up into the ceiling.
     rb166 If you compare this picture with the one above, you'll see a slight difference: I had to cut a small notch in the ceiling to accomodate the new connector. A Dremel tool worked nicely for this. When mounted, the displate plate covered the notch.