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  • Independent Heater Circuit

    In our first Lazy Daze, a Front Lounge model, we occasionally found ourselves forgetting to turn off the little electric cube heater before using the toaster-oven or electric teapot, which usually resulted in a tripped breaker. To prevent that, I installed a totally separate circuit that plugs into the 15/20 amp outlet at the campground utility post.

     rb095 I began by installing a junction box in the propane compartment. I used 10 gauge wire in a metal armor casing to run from the outside junction box back toward the rear under the rig before it entered the coach. 
    rb096 This is a major safety enhancement over my previous installation (see below) in our former FL. I found this Leviton # 4937 male inlet-receptacle which allows me to use a normal extension cord without an adaptor cord with exposed prongs.
       I used wire ties to secure the cable.
    rb097   The propane compartment is a handy place for wire connections. There is no bottom to the compartment so it's easy to feed the wire up from the bottom and then close the compartment door when plugged in.
     rb094  This is the interior outlet box I installed below the refrigerator. The cube heater plugs in here.
     ld246 In our Front Lounge I placed the outlet near the entry-way to the right of the utensil drawers and above the heater vent. The heater normally sits on the floor in this area. 
     ld245  A plastic electrical box with tabs for use in existing walls was fairly easy to install in both of the rigs.

    Danger Alert !!

    I created a rather dangerous situation on my first istallation in the Front Lounge. With a regular outlet mounted in the outside box, I needed an adaptor cord with two male ends to use with the extension cord.

    This presented a distinct possibility of receiving a shock if the extension cord was plugged into the utility post first and the breaker were On.

    Use of the male inlet on my RB installation eliminated this hazard, although I still always ensure the breaker in the utility box is Off before I connect the cord.