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  • Wave 3 Heater

    When boondocking with no hookups, it's nice to have a source of heat that doesn't cause excessive use of your propane and electricity. We found that the addition of a Wave 3 heater is a big help.

    In our Lazy Daze Rear Bath coach we mounted the heater on the end of the dinette bench. This is as you see it entering the rig.

    To direct the heat forward to the sitting area, the heater is mounted on a hinged board.

    Here the heater is deployed for use with the flexible propane hose attached.

    We had a quick-connect fitting installed in the storage cabinet beneath the refrigerator. Not being very experienced at working on propane lines, I had this part of the installation done by an expert.

    I cut a notch at the bottom corner of the cupboard for the hose to fit through while allowing the door to close.

    Since these heaters are susceptible to contamination, it is important to keep the heater covered when not in use.