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Critters and Air Filters

Over the years I've had several air filters chewed up by field mice. Here's my solution.

air filter-1


THis is what my air filter used to look like after the RV had been sitting for a while. It's parking spot is on gravel, but there is high grass and shrubbery nearby.

air filter-2 


This little piece fashioned from a piece of aluminum flashing has solved the problem.

 air filter-3


Step 1 is to loosen the clamp that holds the air intake in place. The air filter is just past the clamp.

 air filter-4


 With the clamp loosened, it's easy to pull the front-end of the air intake from its hole above the radiator.

air filter-5 


 Place the piece of aluminum flashing over the opening of the air intake.
air filter-6 

Snap the air intake back into place and tighten the clamp.



Put a note on your steering wheel to remind you to remove the aluminum strip before starting the engine.