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Goose Neck Reading Lamp

For some time I had been trying to figure out how to have a reading light that I could really aim exactly where I wanted it as well as get it close to what I was reading.



 After a lengthy search I found an internet source for brass gooseneck piping, with which I was able to modify a brass reading lamp that I found at Camping World.



I had installed a stock brass lamp over the end of Liz' sofa where she sits to read, and had bought a second one to put over my sofa. But I wanted to get it closer to my reading material and also wanted to be able to aim it into the dinette area as well. 



A little search on the good ole internet turned up a source for brass goose-neck tubing in various lengths from 6" to 24". I ordered a 24" one for the most flexibility in aiming. The source was Grand Brass Lamp Parts, part #PIGN24BP,24in. X 1/8 IPS Brass Plated Flexible Goose Neck Pipe. Since the pipe had male threads at each end, a brass coupling was also needed so I could fasten the light to the pipe. I ordered the coupling, part #NE448 along with the pipe. All I had to do was unscrew the swivel lamp from its base, lengthen the wire so it would fit the length of the pipe, and screw the lamp on one end of the pipe, using the coupling, and then fasten the pipe onto the base. 



 My first thought was to mount it hanging from the overhead cabinet, which would have simplified wiring it, but it just didn't look right to me. I decided to mount it on the wood behind the sofa, just forward of the dinette. There is a good solid piece of wood under the veneer. I drilled a hole for the wires before screwing the light in place. I ran wires back along the wall under the dinette into the wardrobe, where I was able to tie in to an existing 12-volt line.

Here's the almost-completed view which shows how the light can be swiveled to shine over one's shoulder when sitting at the dinette. Just a little clean-up job left - putting the exposed wires along the wall under the table into a plastic cable channel. As part of my recent LED lighting upgrade project, I replaced the 1383 halogen bulb with a Jirah JC-19-AB-L Spot/Map LED Light. Now my old eyes can easily read at night as I get comfortable under the covers.

The table lamp in the picture has also been converted to 12 volts and uses an LED bulb ( 12 Volt LED Light Bulb 2.5 Watts E27 NCNRNW, Product Code: 46453 from that fits a standard E27 Edison screw base.