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  • Mounting a TV in a Front Lounge

    Up until recently, the Front Lounge model did not include a TV...nor a place to put one. Here are two methods we used in our 2002 FL.



     After some experimenting, we decided that the bets place for the TV was up on a shelf over the forward barrel chair.  From there it could easily be seen from the sofa as well as from the cabover bed. The shelf was just high enough that most people could sit in the barrel chair without hitting their head.



    I made a bracket that merely slipped over the padded top of the partition behind the driver's seat. It includes steel angle irons that can support the weight of the TV.  Although I put a lip around the shelf's edge, we also used a bungee cord when underway to hold the TV in place.  Velcro patches were used to hold the remotes for the TV and the cab stereo.



    In the interest of saving a little space, shaving a little weight, and getting a larger picture to watch, I recently installed a 15" LCD TV in our 23.5' FL. The TV is a Polaroid, model # FLM-1512. It has good viewing angles and a sharp picture. It's only downside are the speakers - they're rather tinny. I plan to augment them with a set of small external speakers. This particular model has a 12-volt input, although it's normally used with a 120-volt power pack. 



     The bracket swings back for travel.



     This shows the mounting board I installed under the floor of the overhead compartment. I cut notches in the end of the board and in the top of the cabinet frame pieces so that everything would fit flush. This provides a solid foundation in which to mount the TV bracket.



     The mounting bracket is an OmniMount model 75/100FD



     This shows the remotes for the TV and the LD radio, mounted with Velcro on the back of the TV.



     Since the TV was not specifically designed for mobile, 12-volt use, I was concerned that varying output from the batteries might adversely impact the TV. After considerable searching, I found a 12 volt DC to DC converter that can take an input voltage ranging from 9.2 to 18 volts and puts out a steady 12 volts. This photo shows how I mounted the converter with Velcro. Most of the TV area underneath it does not have those ventilating holes you see.



     A close-up view of the terminal end of the converter. It is a Mean Well Model # SD-50A-12.



    Here's the view from the upper bunk... 
    lcdtv7  ...and from the sofa.