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  • O2Cool Swiveling Fan

    My traveling companion and bread maker enjoys the breeze of a fan blowing on her when she's hard at work. We found the O2Cool fan to be just the ticket - it's small, quiet, versatile, inexpensive and operates on 12 volts.



    Liz really likes the outcome of this project. The O2Cool fan is centrally located in our Rear Bath LD, mounted under the overhead cabinet between the dinette and sofa.  It can be turned in any direction and aimed up or down, so she can aim it exactly where she likes.



    I began the project by drilling two holes in the back of the fan's folding bracket. A wooden crosspiece with a pivot hole in the center is bolted to the bracket. Not shown is the electrical box light bracket that I screwed to the center of the crosspiece. That is used to secure a hollow threaded electrical tube in place. 



    The hardest part was getting the interior floor of the overhead cabinet removed. I ended up demolishing it and having to cut a new one to finish the project. I mounted a crosspiece between the bottom frame pieces. The center hole accepts the hollow lighting tube, which is fastened with nuts on top and bottom. The power line for the fan feeds up through the hollow tube and through a hole drilled below floor level into the side overhead cabinet, where it ties into the lighting circuit. 



     A handy little brass collar hides the lower part of the hollow electrical tube. The power cord runs through a hole into the fan.



     This shows the back of the completed installation.
    rb129  When not in use, the fan folds up flat against the bottom of the cabinet, snapping together with its base.