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  • Printer Shelf

    A simple shelf under the dinette table makes a handy place for a computer printer, but yet it's out of the way. If the space should be needed for company at dinner or for a sleeping areas, the shelf can be easily removed.




    The shelf is designed to rest on the supports for the table when lowered for a sleeping space. Note the notches on each end of the lip - these are so the cushions won't be pressed down on the lip when sitting. There's also a notch in the center of the lip for the paper tray.



     Nothing fancy here.



     I used the same method as for the toaster-oven shelf - thin birch plywood stiffened with two 1x3's. I glued some rubber to keep the shelf from sliding on the supports.
     rb109 Here is the shelf without the printer in place. I can plug the printer into the outlet I installed in the front of the dinette for the toaster-oven. Once again, Minwax Golden Pecan is a great match to the LD finish.