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  • Rear Bicycle Rack & Cover

     We carry a bicycle on the back of our Lazy Daze motorhome. In searching for a cover for it, I was concerned about obscuring the inner set of lights on the rear of the RV. I found the solution using a pair of boat-trailer LED lights.

     bike rack-1


     I prefer this type of bike rack that holds the bike in an upright position sitting on its wheels. There's an upright pole that helps the bike in position. In addition, there is enough room behind the bicycle for the bag containing our outside carpet.

    bike rack-5 


     A close-up view of the wiring.

    bike rack-4


    Installation was quite easy using the existing jack on the underside of the rear tire cover. I found a matching plug at the local auto parts store.

    bike rack-2 


     This shows the bicycle in place.
     bike rack3

    And here it with the cover in place. Here you can plainly see how it hides the inner set of lights on the LD.

    Last year I had ordered a bike cover, which was expensive, flimsy and didn't fit well at all. A friend suggested a barbeque grill cover. Eureka! A perfect solution: much cheaper, better material and easy to put in place.  I added a few grommets at the bottom through which I thread a rope to pull the bottom closed.