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  • Sofa "Leaner-Backer"

    I can't claim credit at all for this one - thanks go to George and his Arby for designing something that greatly enhances the RB curb-side sofa. Wish I knew why Lazy Daze makes the sofa arm so low by the entryway.



    Something to lean back against when watching TV, reading or just chillin' out. 



    My only regret in laying out the leaner-backer was not angling the forward edge (left in this photo) down and back at the same angle as the LD sofa side; I think it would have looked better. 



    Here are the dimensions of the board I used. That little notch in the left is so it will clear the slide bolt that holds the sofa back in place. 

     This shows the leaner-backer in place, and how it clears the slide-bolt.

    Note: The leaner-backer does not interfere with pulling out the sofa in any way.