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  • Tire Care Aids

    I've always been a firm believer in checking the pressure in our tires regularly and often. For 6 years, I had the braided metal extenders that Lazy Daze sold, and I never had any problem with them. But I still decided to upgrade to the Tireman's custom extended valves and found them an excellent improvement.



    Checking the tire pressure frequently is one thing; being able to do something about an air loss is another.  Thus I have always carried a small air compressor with me. For several years I had a small Husky compressor, but it died recently so I go look for a replacement. I found this small Campbell Hausfield Model FP202801 with a 1-gallon tank. It seems to work better, i.e., faster than the old Husky.



     What I really like about it is its small size - it neatly fit on the upper shelf of our Front Lounge's forward storage compartment.  In our Rear Bath, it stows in the lower portion of the high bay behind the driver's door.



    After getting tired of having to hunker down and hold the air chuck on the stem, I found this clip-on chuck a couple of years ago.

    Tip: Have a valve-stem wrench in your toolkit, so you can tighten or replace a slowly-leaking valve.


    The spare tire is not of much use if it's not properly inflated. It always irked me that the stem on the spare tire faced the LD's body and was hard to get at, so after installing the Tireman's one-piece stems, I put one of the old braided extenders on the spare. Now it's easy to check and fill as necessary.

    Tip: Don't tighten the nut on the tire cover more than finger tight and keep a little grease on it.