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Storage Under the RB Wardrobe Drawers


In a RB, there is a lot of space more or less wasted under the drawers in the wardrobe closet. Seemed to me it would be a great place to store some of things that I don't really need easy access to, stuff like back-up computer software and wires, switches etc. for repairs. With the water pump under there, I wanted to put things in closeable storage boxes in case the pump decided to go on the fritz and spray some water around. was a little more involved than simply pulling out the bottom drawer and sliding the storage bins in. It seems the water lines are laid out on the floor under there and I didn't think it would be very wise to lay the bins right on top of the hoses. So I put in some pieces of 2x2 to hold the bins up above the water lines. I also store a spare water pump in this space, over on the left side.