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December 2009

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28 Dec 09: I am outraged !! Subject: the Christmas Day attempted plane-bombing by a terrorist. This guy's father had reported him to the US Embassy in Nigeria, the United Kingdom had denied him re-entry to go back to a school that apparently doesn't exist, and his name was on our terrorist watch list. But not on the no-fly list. And despite his record, he had a US visa. After paying over $2000 in cash for a one-way ticket from Nigeria to the US and showing up with just a small carry-on bag, he was allowed to board the plane with no more than the ordinary screening. Why didn't the fact that he was on the watch list raise alarms? Why didn't his cash ticket purchase and no luggage raise an alarm? So this terrorist makes it onto the plane and almost succeeded in destroying 300 lives or more. But fortunately his device mal-functioned and quick-acting passengers subdued him.

Our esteemed Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has the audacity to state that the system worked just as it should! Is she totally insane? Of course, following a major outcry of criticism, she changes her tune the next day, saying that her words were taken out of context. This woman has no clue! On top of that, Presbo comes out today and says that it is just an isolated incident. Why do the Dems absolutely refuse to acknowledge terrorism? Clinton didn't and now Obama won't. Instead this self-admitted terrorist is arrested and charged like any ordinary citizen. He should have been handed over immediately to the military and transported to Gitmo. He attempted an act of war against this country, just as his brethern did 8 years ago on 9/11.

Speaking of 9/11, a major finding of the 9/11 Commission was the failure of the various intelligence communities to share information. Eight years later, we obviously have not done a darn thing about that. The State Department knew of this guy's questionable character, but failed to notify the agency responsible for the no-fly list.

I have absolutely no faith in Obama's ability to protect me, my loved ones and this country.


27 Dec 09: Yesterday I visited the Mighty Eight Ar Force Museum in Savannah, Georgia. I can heartily recommend it to anyone interested in our country's great heritage and military history. Eighth Air Force was the bomber component of the war against Germany and the museum tells the stories of many, many brave men and women. Pictures, films, displays and aircraft all combine to help convey what these aviators experienced. Lots of them were shot down - many died, many became prisoners of war and a few managed to evade capture, with the help of many brave local sympathizers. These folks fought and suffered to restore freedom to Europe. All Americans ought to visit this and other similar museums to be more aware of what makes this country so special and the sacrifices of those who have fought so valiantly to make and keep it that way.


27 Dec 09: Earlier this month you and I spent five million dollars on a three-week-long party in Atlanta for 3600 air traffic control managers. Hmm, not bad. The supposed purpose of the get-together was to give managers training in new FAA contracts. But the contracts had already been in place for over two months. Some attendees report that there wasn't that much discussion about the contracts. But there was lots of discussion about the best parties in town. Our government hard at work in our behalf.


23 Dec 09: Somewhere I remember reading in the Declaration of Independence that "all mean are created equal." But that obviously no longer applies, following the adoption of the Senate version of Obamacare. Hold-out Democratic senators won concessions for their states whereby federal law will now proclaim that citizens of some states are more equal than those of other states. The most egregious example of this was the deal Ben Nelson won for Nebraska: permanent and full federal aid for his state's expanded Medicaid population, worth 1.2 billlion over the first ten years. Federal relief in this category for the other 49 states will expire in three years, but Nebraska's will go on indefintely!

Some other deals: Florida, New York and Pennsylvania won exemptions from losing their Medicare Advantage programs - worth 3-5 billion. The "frontier" states of Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Montana get higher Medicare payments to hospitals and doctors. And don't forget the Louisiana Purchase to buy Mary Landrieu's vote for cloture - $300 million in Medicaid subsidies. The pharmaceutical and insurance companies were invited to the White House, where Obama made special deals with them to buy their support. I'd say this is business as usual, but I think our politicians have outdone themselves in what has to be the worst corruption of the democratic process in the history of the country. Merry Christmas to all.


12 Dec 09: Did you happen to catch Al Gore this week....making a total fool of himself as he steadfastly sticks to his Chicken Little view of global warming? This guy can sit there and tell a bald-faced lie with a straight face - I don't know how politicians do it. When asked about the Climategate emails, he pooh-poohed the whole thing, saying they were all over 10 years old and taken out of context. Well, Al, the most recent email in those that were released was in October 2009 - not exactly 10 years ago. And many others are more recent as well. I've read some of the emails - they're shown in their entirety and leave doubt as to what the writers were saying and doing. Of course, since he cannot/will not actually debate the issue, he resorts to the usual name-calling techniques of the far left. He and others of his persuasion have upped their term for those who question the validity of the scientific data: they used to call them skeptics, now the term in vogue is deniers, much more inflammatory. But the very best was in an interview the other day in which Gore stated that the core temperature of the earth was "several million degrees". Wow - we had better not put on feet on the ground - our shoes will catch fire. The actual figure is more like a few thousand degrees. But this is what Gore knows about science - why does anyone listen to him? His Nobel and Academy award-winning film has been proven to be full of mistruths - facts that aren't so and fake, computer-generated images. And still Obama and the Dems are marching ahead with EPA sanctions and/or the infamous cap sand trade bill, both based on faulty, fraudulent science.


7 Dec 09: Today was the opening day of the two-week conference of the Inter-Govermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Copenhagen. The sky-is-falling scam artists are back at it, trying to come up with a way to destroy the economies of the western world. Think redistribution of wealth on a global level. These supposed-scientists allege that man is behind global warming. Oh, don't worry about all those emails in which they discuss the faked data and how to silence the skeptics. Anyway, for a group of such proponents of man's guilt, they're sure making their own contribution to greenhouse gas emissions: over 140 aircraft and 1200 limosines will, over the two weeks, spew approximately 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Oh yeah....I wonder if it's just a coincidence that the EPA today declared carbon dioxide (you know, the stuff that comes out your nose with every breath) a hazardous substance that it has the power to unilaterally regulate. Who needs Cap and Trade? This approach by Obama doesn't need Congress's approval to totally bring down the economy of the United States. Let's see....let's shut down all those coal-fired power plants.....that'll put about 800,000 people out of work over the next few years. See, Copenhagen, we're serious about this scam of yours.


5 Dec 09: I've decided that it's time to cancel my membership in AARP. I almost opted out a few years ago when AARP supported the "doughnut hole" approach to Medicare Part D drug coverage. But now they're really forgetting whom they're supposed to be supporting - us seniors. AARP has stated its support for Obamacare, even with its 460 billon dollar cut in Medicare! That's going to have a drastic impact on Medicare, which is already broken. Services to seniors ca only suffer under this proposal. And oh yes, AARP stands to reap big profits selling Medi-gap policies if/when the Medicare Advantage plans are eliminated. Goodbye, AARP.


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