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July 2009

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31 Jul 09: This morning's news reported that the government is shutting down the Cash for Clunkers program because it has not been able to keep track of how the one billion dollars appropriated for it have been spent. Car dealers report that the web site they're supposed to use to submit their claims is prone to frequent crashes.

So the government doesn't seem to be doing a very good job with this simple little federal program....what makes anyone think that it can manage a mutli-trillion dollar health program?


29 Jul 09: Yesterday my sister turned 70. Wow, that’s making me feel old all of a sudden. But it does give me a great excuse for ribbing her a bit. Here she is pushing into her 70’s while, as I like to tell her, I’m only halfway through my 60’s. It was great fun signing her card “Your little, YOUNGER brother.” I also like to remind her that since our Mom passed away a few years ago, she is now the Matriarch of the family.

That said, she is a sweetie. We’re off tomorrow to visit her on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia


28 Jul 09: “How can anyone expect us to read these huge bills?” Congressman John Conyers recently made this statement. Have those idiots in Washington gone totally over the edge? How can they face their constituents when they’re voting on bills (such as the stimulus and cap and trade) without having a clue about their contents ?? Is it really too much to expect them to vote based on knowledge about what’s actually in the bill?


27 Jul 09: Let’s see…..Our president can wander the globe making one apology after another for all the sins (whether real or perceived) of the United States, yet he can’t bring himself to apologize for “acting stupidly” in the case of his pal Prof Gates. Obama began his response to the reporter’s question by stating he did not know the facts. But then in the next breath he says the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly.”

Seems like this was a case of two egos colliding, but I’m putting my money on Sgt Crowley. I believe Prof Gates decided to throw his weight around a bit, and when that didn’t work, played the race card.

Obama’s response to the question should have been a “no comment”.

As for his so-called apology: just what does it mean to “recalibrate” one’s words?

A brewski at the White House, anyone?


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