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November 2009

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29 Nov 09: Principles vs politics - these days we can all guess quite well which wins out. Among the latest to toss his principles aside is Lou Dobbs, late of CNN. For a number of years Dobbs has been very outspoken on the issue of illegal immigration, saying that we need to tighten our borders and there should be no amnesty. But lo and behold.....shortly after his abrupt departure from CNN after 30 years, as he eyes possible political ambitions, he now suddenly is in favor of amnesty. He obviously sees that he needs to court the hispanic vote if he hopes to get elected to national office. But how can we trust him henceforth if he's willing to make such drastic changes in his views? But then again, he's just become exactly like almost all politicians - say whatever it takes to get elected, and then ignore it all once elected.


27 Nov 09: After a career as a meteorologist, I have followed for some years the debate about global warming/climate change. Ever since Al Gore's movie, full of mistruths, was released, I have been more and more certain that the science being quoted was flawed and/or biased, and was being used to perpetrate the biggest fraud in the history of mankind. All through this long-running debacle, the scientists and politicians in the Gore camp have constantly done their best to stifle all opposing views and debate. The mainstream media has bought into this blarney whole-heartedly; a few years ago the head meteorologist of the Weather Channel said that any meteorologist disputing global warming should be banned from the American Metoeorological Society.

Now the truth has been revealed, in the form of emails sent among various scientists of the Climate Research Unit in England. These emails clearly demonstrate the depths to which the pro-global warming argument have been willing to go to protect their position. The emails reveal the manipulation of date and intimidation of critics that has taken place over the past few years. I'll bet you didn't know that the last decade has shown global cooling!

Yet the Democrats and Obama seem determined to bankrupt this country by agreeing to all sorts of concessions in Copenhagan in Dec 09, and pressing for passage of cap and trade legislation, which will cost our economy trillions of dollars over the next 40 years.....with absolutely no effect on the climate!

Why haven't these emails been discussed in the mainstream media? The New York Times says it won't publish or discuss them because they are "private." Is this the same New York Times that published top-secret governnment papers back during the Vietnam War....the Ellsberg Papers?

I encourage you to become familiar with these emails and learn more about the monumental fraud being foisted upon us by our so-called leaders. You can find them at: Global Warming Emails


26 Nov 09: Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you'll all pause today to count your blessings. My most precious blessing is my beautiful, loving, best friend Liz, who has shared 42 years of her life with me, seeing me through sickness and bolstering my spirits when I'm down. We're blessed with two wonderful children, now grown into responsible, productive adults with families of their own. I'm thankful for the friends we have, and I'm proud to be an American. I love the sight of the US flag gracefully waving in the breeze, representing the values and principles of this great country. And I'm grateful that I have the freedom to muse.


24 Nov 09: We found out this past weekend what it takes to buy a US Senator's vote. First reports were that a special section was added to the Senate's health care bill that would give Sen Mary Landrieu' Louisiana $100 million in aid. But later, she herself corrected the report, saying that the actual amount was $300 million! Essentially Majority Leader Harry Reid bought her vote. Now if you or I were to try to do that, we'd go to jail. But there's apparently nothing wrong with one senator buying the support of another. And gee, here Obama sent Hillary to Afghanistan to tell Karzai that he needs to clean up corruption in his goverment. Seems to me we need to clean up our own house before demanding others do so.


20 Nov 09: Here's a question for you: although the major, costly parts of Obamacare don't kick in until 2014, they plan to start taxing us for it in 2010. Do you seriously think these idiots in Washington can collect our money for four years and actually save it until 2014? They sure haven't been able to keep their fingers out of the Social Security fund over all these year; why wouldn't we expect them to dip into this little nest-egg and waste it on other stuff?


19 Nov 09: Although Obamacare reform hasn't been completed yet, we're already starting to get a dismal feeling about what lies ahead for us. A government agency, the US Preventive Services Task Force, issued a report that women should not get mammograms until age 50, rather than the current recommendation of starting at age 40. This despite the fact that many women's lives have been saved by early detection. Is this beginning of medical care rationing?? I'm just waiting for the insurance companies to announce that since the government now recommends age 50, that they will not cover mammograms for women under 50. Is the Change you wanted?


16 Nov 09: I heard today that Obama's motorcade on his Far Eastern junket of appeasing our creditors consists of seventy-one , 71, vehicles. You gotta be kidding me!! Wouldn't a dozen or so cars take care of him? Every single aide he has with him must be in the formal motorcade - can't they bussed from place to place while in town? Just think of the carbon footprint of this trip: not only the 71 vehicles, but how many C-17's does it take them and the rest of the Package? I'd say this dwarfs Al Gore's carbon footprint.


15 Nov 09: A great quote from Congressman Barney Frank: "Medicare isn't broke, it just needs more money." He must learned at the knee of the Yogi Berra.


12 Nov 09: I love presbo's stalling on his Afghan decision. I just heard that he rejected the four options that his war council presented. He's the CinC - why doesn 't he just tell him what he wants them to do? Very interesting that on every other issue, presbo tells us for each issue that we're a crisis point, with immediate action needed, and the world as we know will end if a massive, unread bill is not passed by midnight that day. But on Afghanistan, he's in a delaying mode. Boo, hiss.


6 Nov 09: Wow! I'm sitting here watching C-SPAN coverage of the US House of Representatives. It's the day before the big vote on HR 3962, Health Care Reform. What are they talking about this morning??? A resolution congratulating the New York Yankees on their World Series victory. What a great sense of priorities these guys have. But I must admit - it doesn't help that I'm a Red Sox fan.


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