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October 2009

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22 Oct 09: Once again we see how much Presbo and the Dems believe in their pledges of transparency and bipartisanship. Reid, Baucus, Dodd and good ole Rahm Immanuel are meeting behind closed doors to merge the various Senate committee health bills into one. No Republicans need apply.


19 Oct 09: Have you noticed an interesting trend under the Obama regime? Let’s see:

1. The NEA had a conference call a while back calling on artists to create art that promotes the Obama message.

2. “The Story of Stuff”, a blatant piece of propaganda film-making that tells our young school children how evil the US is, has been shown in many public schools.

3. The Obama administration has declared war on Fox New Channel - it doesn’t like the questioning attitude of Fox. Anita Dunn, David Axelrod, Chief of Staff Rahm Immanuel and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs have all publically decried Fox’s coverage.

4. There’s talk of bailing out ailing newspapers…..that is, friendly onses such as the NY Times. There’s even some consideration of making successful commercial papers pay a tax to help support government-financed papers, sort of like the BBC TV model in England.

5. The “I Participate” campaign to boost volunteerism, complete with TV characters volunteering in their shows.

6. Net neutrality - the government’s attempt to take over the internet.

7. There’s been talk of reviving the Fairness Doctrine - an obvious attempt to curtail the influence of conservative talk radio.

These are just some of the methods being considered or used to control what you and I see and hear and to ensure that we see and hear what Obama wants us to hear. I resent it!


17 Oct 09: You’d think that with all the important issues facing our congressmen and women in Washington these days, that we could at least expect a honest week’s worth out of them. But no…despite last weekend being a three-dayer, the House of Representatives adjourned yesterday (Friday) at 11 AM and will not re-convene until 12:30 PM on Tuesday! And this is after Speaker Pelosi promised last year that there would be a new work ethic with the Dems in control. Boy, I wish I had had a job that gave me so much time off.


16 Oct 09: A few weeks ago I spent several Musings discussing the backgrounds of some of the way-left whackos with which Obama has surrounded himself, people who now have a great influence on US policy decisions. We have self-avowed communists, someone who thinks forced abortions would be OK if our population gets too large, a guy who thinks animals should have legal rights equal to those of man, a woman who stood to make millions had Chicago’s Olympic bid been successful. Today I’ll add a new name to my discussion - Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director. Several months ago she addressed high school students, and in her talk, said that one of the political philosophers she admired most was Mao Tse Tung. Hmmm, as I recall, Chairman Mao was right up there with Hitler and Stalin in his ruthlessness. How many millions of Chinese were slaughtered at his behest - I’ve seen figures of up to 70 million. So now we have yet another White House advisor with extreme leftist leanings. Are these the type of people we want setting US policy? I sure don’t think so.


15 Oct 09: So yesterday the Senate Finance Committee voted in favor of a health care reform bill based upon conceptual language that doesn’t mean squat. And it will have to be reconciled with the other Senate committees’ output before the full Senate votes. And then that result will have to be reconciled with the House version. Just like the cap and trade ill and the stimulus bill, these clowns are voting on something that is so huge and complex that they have no idea what’s in there. I can’t believe this is how we run this country!

Health care reform is a massive undertaking, and I just don’t understand this insane rush to get it done so quickly (other than politics). Something of this importance should be done with great care, study and discussion. I’d like to suggest that it be handled like the military base closure process. Let’s have a panel of respected experts from various disciplines form a health reform commission. The commission should spend the next year working on a proposal, free of input “bought” by special interests. The commission’s final product should then be voted on by the House and Senate….with no opportunity to amend it. Either accept it or reject it. It works well for the military - takes the politics out of it.


12 Oct 09: “An Inconvenient Truth” - perhaps Al Gore is finding that his title for his global-warming scam-film is coming back to haunt him. Research shows that that there has been no increase in the global temperature for the past eleven years and that perhaps solar activity has more to do with the earth’s temperature than man does. In 2007 a British judge found nine substantive errors in the film and ruled that it could not be shown in British schools without a disclaimer that it presented only one side of the argument. At a recent conference, an Irish reporter, Phelim McAleer, asked Gore whether he was yet ready to make corrections to his film to reflect the truth; Gore refused to answer the question and had the floor microphone turned off! So much for scholarly debate.

And while I’m talking about Gore, here’s another Nobel Peace Prize awarded to a huckster. Between the awards to Gore and Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize has become nothing more valuable than a Crackjack trinket.


9 Oct 09: Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize! Are you kidding me? This guy has been president for only a few months, and yet the Nobel crowd sees fit to award him with this once-prestigious award. Guess those apologies he’s made all around the world for all the imagined sins of the US in the past paid off. Well, at least the International Olympic Committee didn’t fall for it.


5 Oct 09: For a little relief from my usual political rantings, here’s an interesting tidbit for you: there are reports that Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams’ severed head has been mistreated. His head had been severed and frozen for storage at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona. A former executive with the foundations claims that a technician took base-ball like swings at Williams’ frozen head with a monkey wrench. Lookout, Green Monster!


4 Oct 09: Here’s a little tidbit that that took place last weekend: at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, Presbo essentially gave up all claims of economic sovereignty on the part of the United States. Nations of the world agreed to coordinate their economic policies and submit them to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for comment and approval. Although the US accounts for 24% of the world’s economy, it will have only a 1/20th say in world economic policies. We’ll have the Russians, the Chinese, and the Saudi Arabians deciding what our US economic policy should be.

Among things to be looked at by the IMF is executive compensation at financial institutions; so nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia will be reviewing pay packages of Wall Street firms. Hmmm, it will sure be interesting to see what the Saudis have to say about excessive personal enrichment.

And in keeping with Obama’s trend of apologizing for all real and imagined sins of the US since the dawn of time, he proposed, successfully, to increase the voting strength of the debtor nations on the IMF from 43 percent to 48 percent. This is the economic equivalent of giving deadbeat debtors more votes on their bank's governing board of directors.

Will the insanity ever end?


2 Oct 09: Well, I guess the Obama Traveling Rock Star Ensemble wasn’t worth the cost of the fuel for two plane trips to Copenhagen. - we just learned that the IOC has voted Chicago out of the running for the 2016 Olympics. Sorry, all you Chicago Obama cronies, you’ll have to come up with another scheme to try to get the US taxpayers to spend millions, even billions, so you can line your pockets. And shame on you Presbo for your blatant, over-the-top support for these crooks.


1 Oct 09: Yesterday Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Valerie Jarrett, a top Obama advisor, descended upon Copenhagen in an effort to win the 2016 Olympics for Chicago. They’ll be joined today by PresBo for the final pitch. So we poor taxpayers have paid for two flights to Copenhagen instead of one, had the first couple traveled together.

But more important is why PresBo is so hot to have the Olympics in Chicago. The afore-mentioned Valerie Jarrett, a long-time Obama friend) just happens to have major business interests in Chicago - she’s involved with the company that oversees low-income housing in Chicago. Most of that housing is so run-down that it needs to be torn down. Now if the Olympics come to town, guess where the major construction would take place? Yeap, Valerie and her chums stand to reap millions as their run-down properties are razed and replaced with Olympic venues and housing. And oh yes, the Chicago bid depends heavily on infrastructure projects being paid for with federal stimulus funds. That’s you and me!


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