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September 2009

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25 Sep 09: Remember that landmark eminent domain case in New London CT, the one that made it all the way to the US Supreme Court, with a ruling that a government entity CAN take private property by eminent domain and turn it over to PRIVATE interests for development that will generate more tax dollars? That was back in 2005. Four years later the taken land sits mostly vacant, littered with weeds and trash. That worked out well, didn’t it, New London?


24 Sep 09: Senate Finance Committee Democrats have rejected a GOP amendment that would have required a health overhaul bill to be available online for 72 hours before the committee votes. Republicans argued that transparency is an Obama administration goal. They also noted that their constituents are demanding that they read bills before voting.

So what are the Dems afraid of? What are they hiding from us?


20 Sep 09: President Obama made the rounds of almost all the Sunday morning news-talk shows this morning. Note I said almost - he rather pointedly refused to appear on Fox News. Now it would seem to me that his need/desire to take to the airways in such a major fashion indicates a need/desire to sell his programs to the American people. And it would seem only logical to me to try to target and convince those who don’t agree with him. And where are most of his critics and skeptics? Not watching the liberal NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or Univision…..they’re watching Fox News. So he could get a much bigger bang for his buck by appearing on Fox News and selling that audience his views. Guess he doesn’t care much about that major segment of the American populace. He, Harry and Nancy are going to ram through what they want, the public be damned.


19 Sep 09: Why can’t liberals respond to critics with facts??? Instead we have Keith Olbermann asking viewers to send him any dirt they may have on Glenn Beck and Fox News boss, Roger Ailes. Instead of getting nastily personal and dirty, Keith, why not simply refute them with facts? Why do we have a former president and the NY Times accusing conservative critics of being racist when they question Obama’s policies? Instead, why not respond to the critics with facts?


18 Sep 09: For quite a few years now liberals have been decrying the conservative reporting of Fox News Channel, claiming that Fox is not “fair and balanced” and is guilty of conducting smear campaigns. Yet isn’t it interesting that liberals and pols in DC are now taking actions as a result of Fox’s reports. In particular, Glenn Beck’s reporting on the backgrounds of Obama’s “czars” led to the resignation of communist Van Jones, and more importantly, his in-depth probe into the workings and finances of ACORN have lead to both the House and Senate voting to deny future federal funding to ACORN. So if Fox was wrong on these stories, as liberals would like us to believe, why were the outcomes as they were? As I pointed out in my 5 Sep Musing, Van Jones claimed he was a victim of a smear campaign, yet everything Beck revealed about included Jones on video saying what Beck claimed he said. If Beck’s investigation of ACORN was a smear campaign (i.e., false), then why did ACORN move to quickly fire workers exposed in dirty deals and more importantly, why did Congress vote to cut off ACORN funding? Right on, Fox!


17 Sep 09: “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he is African-American," former President Carter told NBC’s Brian Williams in an interview Tuesday.

Maureen Dowd in the NY Times: Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” at a president who didn’t. But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!

I guess we should have seen this one coming - any criticism of Obama and his policies is now turned around by liberals into charges of racism on the part of the critics. That’s just not fair. I am appalled that a former president would make such a statement.


16 Sep 09: Thanks to friend Don for today’s musing:

Dear Senator/Congressman:

The U.S. Postal Service - broke.

Social Security - broke.

Fannie Mae - broke.

The "War on Poverty" - $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor"; it hasn't worked and our entire country is broke.

Medicare and Medicaid - broke.

Freddie Mac - broke.

Trillions of dollars were spent in the massive political payoffs called TARP, the "Stimulus", the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009... none show any signs of working, although ACORN appears to have found a new source: the American taxpayer.

"Cash for Clunkers" was established in 2009 and went broke in 2009

So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that"services" you shove down our throats are failing faster and faster, you want Americans to believe you can be trusted with a government-run health care system?

20% of our entire economy? With all due respect, are you crazy?


12 Sep 09: Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., took a lot of heat for yelling out “liar” during President Obama’s speech Wednesday night, but he was right! Wilson’s outburst came after Obama claimed that his healthcare plan wouldn’t provide benefits to illegal immigrants. Of the three House committees that have passed reform bills, only one specifically prohibits federal funding for health coverage for illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants should NOT be entitled to healthcare at my (taxpayer) expense! Nor should they be given drivers licenses or tuition breaks at state universities.


11 Sep 09: Eight years ago today I was on my way to the Pentagon to turn in my Civil Service retirement papers. Fortunately I didn’t get there - Liz called me on the cell phone and told me about the World Trade Center. What a day - one that Americans should never forget, one as infamous as the attack on Pearl Harbor.

But I’m afraid our illustrious leaders in Washington are forgetting that day. Our intelligence community is being decimated by the Obama administration, with actions such as re-opening investigations into so-called CIA torture, taking away the CIA’s authority to conduct future terrorist investigations, the ordered closing of the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison and our President’s abject wanderings around the globe apologizing for all past actions of the US. All this can only lead to one thing: another terrorist attack on this country which will make 9/11 seem like child’s-play. I shudder to think about the horror and devastation that the next attack will wreak upon us.


11 Sep 09: Last night I went to an author's book talk-and-signing at a local library. The library is in serious financial difficulty, as are many libraries, and this author agreed to come in an effort to help raise some money. What a shame - our government sees fit to give billions of dollars to all sorts of private enterprises (banks, insurance companies, auto makers) yet won’t help out the troubled library system. Or schools, for that matter. Boy, does this country have its priorities screwed up!


9 Sep 09: Today is a very special day - 42 years ago, in a little white church in North Conway NH, Liz and I traded our wedding vows. We have sure covered a lot of ground in the intervening years, and it wasn’t always easy. Somehow we managed to survive the job changes and moves and raise two wonderful kids (twins Kate and Geoff), who in turn have blessed us with seven grandchildren. Seems like we were never rich - most of those growing years we lived paycheck to paycheck. Yet we managed to have fun as a family. We did a lot of camping, which the kids still talk about today. We always ate dinner together, and laughed at each other’s antics.

Both Liz and I survived serious illnesses, thanks to the love and support of the other. I could never have made it through my cancer without Liz by my side. And when she was sick, I only wanted to do whatever I could to help her get well again. I did, she did, and we’re here together still, enjoying the fruits of all the years of hard work. We have our health, our home, our Lazy Daze RV, and most importantly, we have each other. So today I say to my very bestest friend: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love.”


8 Sep 09: Yale University is publishing a book next week about how cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad caused outrage across the Muslim world. But it won't include the cartoons themselves.

Huh ????


5 Sep 09: I got up this morning intending to muse about Van Jones, yet another of Obama’s 37 or so czars, and his rather dubious character. But then I turned on the news this morning and lo and behold, Jones resigned as the Green Czar yesterday, claiming that a smear campaign was forcing him out.

Hmmm, he himself has stated that he is a communist. Back in February he publicly called Republicans a--holes. And a few years ago he signed the petition of the 9-11 Truthers, claiming that the Bush administration was at the least complicit in the 9-11 attacks. I’ve always thought that a smear campaign involved the use of false information in an effort to bring down someone. But in Jones case, the information is not false. Those are facts. That’s no smear campaign. Goodbye and good riddance, Mr. Jones.


3 Sep 09: “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama”

This from a Hollywood star-studded video recently shown to school children in Utah. Wow! Is this leftist propaganda or what? “I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama.” Huh ??? I thought the President’s job was to serve the people that elected him. In my career as a military officer I pledged allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, not an individual.

Does that pledge sound familiar? Hint: go back to the third decade of the 20th century. Here’s a quote from then: “I promise to do my duty in love and loyalty to the Führer and our flag.” Yeap, that was the Hitler Youth Pledge. At least Hitler included the flag.

On September 8 President Obama has scheduled an address to school children across America. If I had school-age kids, they certainly would NOT be in school that day.


1 Sep 09: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in March told an audience of illegal aliens, “You are very special people. You’re here on Saturday night to take responsibility for our country’s future. That makes you very, very patriotic.” Pelosi added that enforcement of existing immigration laws is “un-American.”

Seems to me that Speaker Pelosi is the one espousing un-American views.


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