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April 2010

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28 Apr 10: Isn't free speech wonderful? A few days ago the US Army"un-invited" Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon's National Day of Praye observancer because he supposedly has previously offended Muslims. On the other hand, Presbo's buddy William Ayres, who bombed public buildings in the 60's and 70's, gets to speak at the University of Wyoming.


28 Apr 10: Remember all those assurances during the health care reform discussion that it would reduce health care costs and also reduce the deficit? Now we learn that there was a Department of Health and Human Services report, prepared a week or two PRIOR to the vote, that said that that the bill would actually INCREASE health care costs by $311 billion in this decade. So they lied about this bill in order to pass it, just are they're lying about climate change to justify cap and trade.


27 Apr 10: Isn't it interesting - our progressive friends seem to think that it's perfectly all right for the government to have the right to ask each of us if we have health insurance, and to fine us if we don't. But the same folks think it's just terrible that Arizona passed its immigration law that allows police, WITH probable cause, to question someone's legal immigration status. What's the difference??


26 Apr 10: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the other day that she had no interest in running for the presidency. Whew ! That's sure a relief. Now we just have our fingers crossed that nothing happens to Obama and Biden, since Pelosi is next in line.


16 Apr 10: So now our Department of Justice wants to be able to monitor our emails WITHOUT going to a judge for a warrant. And they think they should be able to get our cellphone location from the phone company, also without a warrant. Isn't this the same crowd on the left that was so upset about Bush's Patriot Act? Maybe they need to pause and think about what they really stand for.


14 Apr 10: Our national debt is now 12.8 trillion dollars. It went up by $485 billion (that's almost half a trillion) in just the past two months! Have you been following any of the news about Greece and its debt problems? In a few years the interest on our debt plus entitlement programs will total 100 per cent of the budget - nothing left to pay for defense and other parts of the government. We're headed down the same road as Greece, unless those dunderheads in DC can get off their political butts and start to take some measures to bring our spending and debt down. They are not willing to do what is necessary - things like raise the Social Security retirement age and eliminate the cap on Social Security taxes for incomes of more than $106,000.


8 Apr 10: The census is counting everyone, including illegal immigrants, who are NOT being asked about their status. So what we'll have are new Congressional district lines drawn up based upon numbers of people who aren't even supposed to be here!


6 Apr 10: C'mon, Chris Mathews, get your facts straight before you start vilifying others. Last Friday Mathews went off on a rant about Rush Limbaugh, because Limbaugh used the word "regime" in talking about the Obama administration. Mathews said there absolutely no place in America for use of that "inflammatory" word and that it has never been used before in the US. He claimed that no one ever used "regime" to describe the Bush administration. One has to wave the BS flag here, for Mathews has his facts quite wrong. During the Bush admnistration, the New York Times used the word 16 times; the Washington Post used it 24 times; Mathew's own network, MSNBC, used it 8 times, and Mathews himself used it at least once. Gee, Chris, are you wondering why Fox News is getting better ratings than MSNBC and CNN combined?

And while we're on you, Chris, do you really have to result to name calling? What's the point in calling Limbaugh a walrus?


2 Apr 10: Interesting news story yesterday: less than half of the 229 million doses of H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine produced have been administered, and over 71 million doses will have to be destroyed upon reaching their expiration date. And this is the same government that claims it can run the country's entire health-care system ?? Good luck with that.


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