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June 2010

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25 Jun 10: Of course I couldn't agree with Obama for long. Now we learn that Obama is preparing a "Plan B" in case Congress doesn't deliver the immigration reform (read: amnesty) he wants. Under Plan B, the Department of Homeland Security would unilaterally grant legal status on a mass basis to illegal immigrants. This is in the same category as having the EPA declare carbon dioxide a hazardous material that it can regulate, and then having the EPA issue Obama's Cap and Trade rules. Doesn 't anyone get just a tad nervous at having one man making the rules that are Congress' bailiwick? There was sure a lot of outrage from the left about Bush's signing statements; it seems to me the level of executive abuse is being taken to new heights by our current president.


25 Jun 10: Well, well, I actually agree with Obama on something! He did the absolutely right thing in accepting Gen McChrystal's resignation the other day. The General and his staff were way out of line with their comments in the Rolling Stone interview. As a retired military officer I am well aware of the relationship between the military and civilian leadership and McChrystal's comments went totally against that relationship.


17 Jun 10: Sure was a day of chuckles.....watching the BP CEO testify in Congress. All parties involved came across as total idiots - the ;politicians were using it as a political soapbox, and poor ole Tony wouldn't admit to any blame. What struck me was the committee's claim that records show that in recent years BP's safety record was absolutely abysmal. For example, they said that records show that company A had 8 safety violations in a certain year.; in the same year, BP had 6 or 7 hundred! All the other companies had 10 or fewer violations. question is: if the government knew about BP's dismal record, why didn't it step in and shut BP down until it could get its act together? Well of course, the answer is, drum-roll


14 Jun 10: Despite signs that the American economy may be bouncing back, President Barack Obama and leading Democrats are pushing yet another $80 billion stimulus that will boost a deficit already projected at $1.6 trillion this year. Will this mndless spending ever stop? All it is is political payoffs and an excuse for "social justice".


11 Jun 10: According to, democrats are planning a $125 million dollar PR campaign to build support for Obamacare. Unions, foundations and corporations are going to kick in $25 million a year for 5 years to finance the PR blitz. I must be missing something here: In the first place, didn't the bill already pass ?? And secondly,if it's such a wonderful deal, why is it necessary to spend that kind of money to build support ??


10 Jun 10: We're learning that BP admits in internal documents that it would had no plan or capability to deal with a leak problem 5000' undersea. We're also learning that government overseers were aware of that and yet approved BP's activities. Seems to me heads should roll and there should be some folks, both from BP and the government, serving some prison time.

And then there's good ole Rosie O'Donnell, who says that the government should seize BP's assets. Typical talk from a leftist progressive who has absolutely no regard for the Consititution.


9 Jun 10: Obama spoke at a high school graduation the other day (did you catch the video of the kid right behind him nodding off?). Anyway, part of Obama's message consisted of advice to be responsible and not make excuses. That's pretty funny - seems like I've heard Obama blame Bush for just about everything.


8 Jun 10: Definition of irony: Cow struck and killed by milk truck.


2 Jun 10: The liberal left had a grand time during the eight years of the Bush administration bashing Bush and the GOP with rather nasty rhetoric. But it seems they can't take it as well as they dish it out. A coalition of more than thirty mostly liberal oranizatons (such as the Center for Media Justice, the Rainbow Push Coalition, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, and Common Cause) sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), urging it to crack down on talk radio and cable news ouitlets. With talk radio being mainly the voice of the conservative right, it's obvious liberals want to shut it down. In the letter, the group claims that "hate, extremism and misinformation have been on the rise since Arizona’s passage of one of the harshest pieces of anti-Latino legislation in this country’s history.” From what I've seen and heard, it's the left that is deliberately distorting the facts of the Arizona law. And of course it would be comical if it weren't so serious, when we learn that AG Holder and Homeland Defense Secretary Napolitano hadn't even read the bill before denouncing it. The left is also calling for regulation of the internet, claiming that it has made it far too easy for anyone to spout mis-information and hate. I thought free speech was a basic pillar of our American way of life. Why are liberals so afraid of conservative thought?


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