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March 2011

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31 Mar 11: Last week Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the safety our southern border was "better now than it has ever been." Wow - I wonder she's been for the past two years? Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't quite see it that way: "I don’t go along with the theory that the border is more secure than ever before." He has announced the launch of one of the largest crime suppression sweeps in Arizona's history, “Operation Desert Sky,” targeting drug-smugglers using desert corridors in his county. Obama ought to dump Napolitano and replace her with Sheriff Joe.


23 Mar 11: It seems that nearly every day now there's somrthing in the news that just makes me shake my head in wonder. Today's consternation is caused by Florida's Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen. Judgr Nielsen has stated that he intends to judge a case involving a Tampa mosque under Shariah law, specifically “whether the parties in the litigation properly followed the teachings of the Koran in obtaining an arbitration decision from an Islamic scholar." Did I wake up today in another universe? Did the United States convert to Islam last night while I was asleep?


22 Mar 11: Yet once again we see the hypocrisy of the left. Last year we watched Speaker Pelosi almost in tears as she described the fear she felt because of the conservative right's "violent speech." After the Congresswoman Giffors shooting in Arizona the left railed against the hateful, dangerous right. But.....we hear from Brian Leiter, a University of Chicgo professor, who has said that as a result of the "criminal actions" of Wisconsin in eliminating collective bargaining for public sector unions, it may well be time for a discussion of whether violence may now be warranted to protect those basic human rights. A couple of points, there is nothing in US law that calls collective bargaining a basic human right. Secondly, Wisconsin did not eliminate collective bargaining, it merely put limits on it.

And oh yes, while we're mentioning Wisconsin, I'll bet you didn't hear about the WI state representative, Democrat Gordon Hintz, who made an overt threat during an assembly session to a Republican colleague, Michelle Litjens. He told her: "You're dead!" The story was reported by AP, but the only national media to run the story was Fox News.


17 Mar 11: Remember those 17, 18, even 19 percent mortgages of the late 1970's under the presidency of the peanut farmer? It looks like the current community organizer is taking us back to those glorious days of yesteryear. The oil crisis, government over-spending and most importantly the Fed's printing money like it was selling Monoply games are guaranteeing a spectacular bout of inflation. Well, at least perhaps we'll be able to get a decent rate on a CD.


14 Mar 11: Last week Representative Jim Demint of SC introduced a National Right to Work bill. All I can say is that it's long overdue. I've never been able to understand how it can possibily be constitutional for the right to have a job be predicated on membership in a private organization - namely a union. I'll concede that unions have a right to exist, but they should not have the right to force a worker to join. If unions can demonstrate the good things they do for workers, then those workers should be eager to join voluntarily. It's really about money and political power; unions need/want those forced dues in order to make their political contributions (AKA - buy candidates)......whether the worker agrees or not.


11 Mar 11: If Obamacare is so wonderful, how come the administration has granted over 1000 waivers to some big companies, unions and even a few states? Forty-four of these wiavers went to unions like SEIU - hmmm, didn't they give millions to Obama during his campaign? Maine is the most recent state to get special treatment - it received a waiver on the 80% rule; instead, its insurance carriers will have to use only 65% of their premium money for actual healthcare. Gee, do you think this was a pay-back to Republican Senators Collins and Snow for their support? Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan has the right idea - he has filed a bill that allow waivers for anyone, little folks like you and me. Go, Mike!


9 Mar 11: We have a treaty with Taiwan that says we will support them if they are attacked by China. But think about it - we'd have to borrow the money from China to pay for it!


8 Mar 11: Once again NPR has shown its true colors and demonstrated why it should no longer receive public funding. NPR’s Senior Vice President Ron Schiller was caught on an embarrassing videotape calling tea party members “seriously racist people” who have “hijacked” the Republican Party. How can we expect fairness from an organization with those beliefs? No money. Seems pretty simple to me.


6 Mar 11: Once again, with oil prices soaring, there's talk about drawing upon the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in order to help hold prices down. The Obama adminstration is considering it. Wrong move !! Note the name: STRATEGIC Petroleum Reserve, not the Economic Petroleum Reserve. The SPR is intended as an emergency source of oil in the event of a virtual cut-off of all foreign oil; it is NOT intended to used to artificially keep prices down.


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