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May 2011

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20 May 11: I've been thinking about the word "liberal" lately, trying to resolve what I thought it means with what's happening in this country lately. According to the AH dictionary, a liberal is "tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded." Hmmm, I can't think of anyone in Washington that fits that definition. Seems to me the liberals want to assume total control over my life......and yours.


19 May 11: Wow! Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced yesterday that the Navy will name a new cargo ship after the late farm-worker activist Cesar Chevas, making the announcement at the General Dynamic facility in San Diego's Hispanic neighborhood of Barrion Logan. This is an obvious politcal move and overlooks military war heroes. At least one Republican congressman, Duncan Hunter, is protesting. I'm with you, Congressman!


18 May 11: The Obama adminsitration has now granted 1372 waivers to Obamacare! If Obamacare is so wonderful, why all the waivers? Because the truth is it isn't so wonderful at all and companies can't afford it. Another little twist: just last month, twenty percent of the waivers granted were in Nancy Pelosi's district to restaurants, bars, night-clubs, etc.....whose employees just happen to be represented by SEIU. Wasn't Nancy a HUGE supporter of Obamacare? Wasn't SEIU a HUGE supporter of Obamacare?


13 May 11 - Friday the 13th!: How about that ethnic studies program in Tucson AZ public schools that's teaching third-graders about the blood-sucking capitalist pigs and urging revolution! Don't believe it? Watch this video:

Bloodsucking Capitalists


5 May 11: So what do you think? How about paying your highway use taxes based upon the miles you drive? Sounds sorta-maybe reasonable until you start to look at the technology: a GPS system in your vehicle that tracks everywhere the vehicle is driven and is linked to a credit card that electronically gets charged whenever you pull into a gas station. Gee, now Big Brother will now exactly where you've been and where you are right now. There's a draft of such a plan floating around the Transportation Dept, but the White House says Obama does not support it. Yeah, right.


2 May 11: For once I can heartily applaud President Obama for his authorizing the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden yesterday. And the team that pulled it off are a great credit to this country. A couple of comments, though. First, considering that Bin Laden was living in a large compound just a few hundred yards from a Pakistani military training facility, the Pakistanis had to knw he was there. And thus they are NOT our ally. We should cut off all foreign aid to them. Secondly, instead of burying him at sea, we should have brought his body back and strung it up in Times Square; that's how Al Queda treats Americans.


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