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November 2011

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30 Nov 11: Bye, Barney! Yea - Barney Frank has decided not to run for a re-election to a 17th term in the House. He's joining a bunch of other Democrats who don't like being in the minority. Barney is especially unhappy since he lost his bully pulpit as chairman of the House Finance Committee. At least we'll no longer have to listen to his slobbering insults of constituents and GOP colleagues.

29 Nov 11: It sure is interesting to contrast the operations of the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street gangs. For example, in Richmond VA, the Tea Party had to apply for permits and pay a $10,000 fee in order to hold a rally there. Yet the mayor Richmond did not require the Occupy Richmond folks to do the same. Seems like quite a double-standard here. But wait - there's more: the Tea Party folks requested reimbursement of the $10,000 fee, since none was required of the Occupy Richmond demonstrators, and in fact the OR crowd cost taxpayers more than $17,000 for its illegal encampment at Kanawha Plaza. What did the Tea Party get for a response? A notice from the City Department of Finance saying that the group was being audited for non-payment of taxes! Wow !!

27 Nov 11: The Occupy Wall Street movement espouses socialism, it condones violence, it wants to destroy our economy....and Obama says "You're (OWS) the reason I ran for office in the first place." Well folks, can it be any clearer what the goal of this man is?

26 Nov 11: The magazine GQ has finally woken up: on 2008 they named Obama "Man of the Year" and in 2009 "Leader of the Year. But now they have him on the list of the 25 least influential people alive, along with MSNBC host Ed Schultz. Missing from the list, IMHO, is another MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow. And while we're on the subject of MSNBC, host Chris Mathews has admitted that the national media “leans a little to the left.” Gee, Chris, ya think?

24 Nov 11: Once again our elected members of Congress have demonstrated they all are totally incapable of doing their jobs. We all knew the Super Committee would fail as soon as the House and Senate leaders on both sides appointed the most liberal and conservative members. Why the heck Obama didn't embrace the Bowles-Simpson committee report a year ago is beyond me - it was an excellent bipartisan conclusion, with pain for everyone, but it wouild have gotten the country heading in the right direction. Shame on all these idiots whose only ability is to cast stones at the other side. Every single one of them should be voted out of office - the sooner, the better.

12 Nov 11: Let's see....the Occupy Wall Street movement has been protesting capitalism and greed on Wall Street. Their targets include ther big banks. Remember their Bank Transfer Day, when they urged everyone to move their money from the big banks to small local banks and credit unions? But now we learn that they have deposited $20,000 with Bank of America and another $20,000 with Wells Fargo, both among the objects of OWS's scorn. Practicality trumps philosophy, it appears.

11 Nov 11: Penn State students are rioting over the firing of legendary coach Joe Paterno. How come they're not rioting over the molestation of all those young boys?

7 Nov 11: Two years ago Nancy Pelosi got all choked when talking about her fears of political violence that the Tea Party might unleash. But just recently she was heard calling the Occupy Wall Street thuggery "a beautiful thing". I guess she missed the rioting, looting and burning in Oakland the other day. I don't think it was the Tea Party behind that. I don't recall hearing any stories about rape and drugs at Tea Party rallies. C'mon, Nancy, wake up. How will you feel when the OWS crowd confiscates your $58 million?


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