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January 2012

mrtoad balance

28 Jan 12: Are you as disgusted with the GOP debates as I am? The moderators have no desire to focus the candidates on the issue; they waste almost the entire time to baiting Romney and Gingrich to attack each other. The only intelligent, meaningful questions came from the audience. Which leads me to the conclusion that ALL questions should come from the audience.


21 Jan 12: As Nancy Pelosi said: "If you want to find out what's in the bill, you have to pass it., referring to Obamacare. And now we learn of yet another ridiculous requirement of the bill: contraception must included in virtually all health plans provided by religious-affiliated institutions to their employees. Needless to say, the Catholic Church is a little perturbed. The church has to offer, and employees have to pay for, a service in which they do not believe. Go away, Big Government!


14 Jan 12: Yesterday Obama announced a plan to streamline the federal government and asked for congressional approval to make some changes. What I heard on the main-stream-media (MSM) last night emphasized the elimination of the Department of Commerce, moving NOAA to the Interior Dept, and the big savings to be realized: $3 billion over 10 years. Well, for starters, $3 billion over 10 years is chump change! But more important is what the MSM left out of their reports last evening - the TWO new cabinet-level departments that Obama is proposing. He wants to elevate the Small Business Administration to cabinet-level status, and he would merge 6 existing foreign trade agencies into a new department. So we eliminate one department and get two new ones - that's a reduction in government? Sounds like the ole shell game to me.


12 Jan 12: Michelle Obama, commenting on the new book about the Obama White House: "I am NOT an angry black woman.", she said angrily.


11 Jan 11: Don't you just love the way the liberal M-S-M (main-stream media) handle the GOP debates? They might as well have an Obama staff-member be the moderator, for all the bias they exhibit. Maria Bartiromo, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, even Wolf Blitzer all act is if they were on Obama's payroll. All they want to do is pit the GOP candidates against each other, instead of asking them substantive questions on the issues.


1 Jan 12: This seems like a good item for the beginning of this all-important political year: You're familiar with the terms for different groups of animals, such a pack of dogs, a school of fish, a herd of cows, a pride of lions, etc.? So do you know what the collective name is for a group of baboons? Believe it or not, it's a congress! I looked it to verify. So that sure explains what the problem in DC is these days - we have a group of baboons running things! Let's ship 'em all off to the zoo this fall and try again.


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