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June 2012

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23 Jun 12: Well here ya go....the perfect wedding gift for that special someone in your life: a donation to the Obama reelection campaign! At least that's what Obama is suggesting. Hmmm, I think if someone I knew were getting married and had the nerve to inject their political views into our friendship by asking me to do that, I would respond with "Well, in good conscience I really can't give money to the Obama campaign, but tell you what, I'll make a donation in your name to the Romney campaign."


20 Jun 12: Did you know that sail boats are dangerous to the environment? Yeap, some of the Looney Lefties filed suit to stop the America's Cup races from being held in San Franscisco next year. Their concern: not pollution from all the thousand of support and spectator boats, as one might expect. Nope, they say the sailboats will scare the seagulls! So the city of San Francisco will spend $150,000 to study the impact of the sails. You know what I think: just another case of wealth envy - the Looney Lefties are upset at all those rich folks having fun in their boats.


15 Jun 12: I have a great suggestion: we ought to simply get rid of Congress. I mean, what have they done lately? Not much that I can think of. And with the Anointed One ruling the country by royal edict, totally bypassing Congress, all the more reason to get rid of 'em. Congress took up, discussed and voted down the Dream Act dealing with illegal immigration. Did that stop Obama? Of course not, today he ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting some illegals. Who needs Congress? Congress didn't go for cap and trade, so....Obama uses the EPA to enact strict rules that eventually aim to shut down the coal industry. Who needs Congress? The left railed against Bush's use of signing statements, but it seems to me that Obama's use of presidential edicts goes far beyond what Bush (and previous presidents) did with signing statements. How hypocritical!


13 Jun 12: I found the scene in Washington pretty amusing today: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jaime Dimon testifying before the Senate Banking Committee. Let's see - Morgan Chase lost 2 billion dollars last year that they couldn't account for. The guys grilling him about it blow through that much every day! At least Morgan Chase still made a hefty profit, as contrasted to the ever-growing deficit that the DC idiots refuse to address.


9 Jun 12: I discovered another little lie that was put out by the Obama administration during the health care debate a couple of years ago. We were told that beginning in 2011, the Affordable Health Care Act would require Medicare to begin paying for an annual physical exam. Oops - not true. It only provides for an annual wellness visit, which is not as in depth as a traditional physical exam. You don't take your clothes off for a wellness visit. Medicare has admitted that its use of the term "physical exam" in the 2011 was misleading and has since changed the wording to reflect the true situation. Lots of folks have been surprised at being billed for a physical, as I just was. A little research discovered this little fib. Just another of the many that were used to advance the case for Obamacare.


8 Jun12: Have you heard of these six treaties, being promoted by the United Nations and President Obama and his liberal friends?

Agenda 21, The International Crinimal Court Treaty, The Law of the Sea Treaty, The Small Arms Treaty, The European Code of Conduct in Outer Space and The Convention on the Rights of the Child

I recommend you take a few minutes to lerarn more about these treaties and accords about which our media is pretty much silent. There are some alarming features in each of these that jeopardize our sovereignty as a nation, and in some instances seem to be a pretty blatant attempt of Third-World countries ( read as the United Nations) to loot and plunder the US. President Obama supports them all, as do his leftist colleagues in the Democratic party. Guess what we have coming up this fall after the November election - a lame-duck session of Congress. There is a very strong likelihood that Obama and the Democratic senate will seize the opportunity to try to ratify these treaties while they have absolutely no accountability. Don't forget - the House of Representatives has no say in treaty ratification. The only saving grace is that treaties require a two-thirds vote in the Senate, which will probably be hard to muster.


6 Jun 12: Poor Ed Schultz! The MSNBC commentator and union hack was "shocked and stunned", to use his own words, over the resounding victory of Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker in his recall election yesterday. Schultz is an fervent union supporter, influenced perhaps by the nearly $200,000 he was paid by unions last year. Sorry, Ed, the voters of Wisconsin decided they liked the success of Gov Walker in bringing the state's finances under control and curbing the out-of-control excesses of public-sector unions.

And about recall elections in general - I'm agin 'em, except for cases of criminal wrong-doing. Voters should NOT be entitled to a do-over just because they disagree with the policies/politics of an office-holder.


5 Jun 12: The passing of an icon this past week - Dick Beals died at age 85. Ah, how many of you even know who Dick Beals is? "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is". Yeap, Dick was the voice of Speedy Alka-Seltzer. But even more important was another great character whose voice Dick provided - the original Gumby!


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