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March 2012

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30 Mar 12: Yesterday we arrived at a Tennessee state park to spend a night. We were told at the office to go choose a site, leave something on it to show it as occupied and come back to register. We did exactly that, only to be told when we went back to register that someone else had just paid for that site. We explained that there was nothing there to indicate the site was taken. The gal at the desk called in a ranger to mediate. We went back to the site and sure enough, there was a small RV parked in front of the site. Trying to be friendly about it, I went over to it and said something about great minds thinking alike, that apparently we both wanted this site. The fellow wasn't real pleasant about it, saying that he had paid and therefore the site was his. I pointed out that he hadn't left anything to indicate the site was occupied so we had chosen it. The ranger appeared about then. Since we were already on the site, all levelled and all, I asked the other fellow if he was really insistent on that site, and he said yes. So being the great guy that I am, I said we would move. Now wouldn't you think that perhaps that might have elicited a "thank you" from t guy? Nope - nothing. Later I wished I had thought to suggest that we flip a coin, in the presence of the ranger, for it. At least when I went back to the office to register for another site, the gal said the ranger had told her I was very gracious about the situation and she thanked me.


28 Mar 12: The NewYork City public school system has set a new standard for PC (political correctness) that is truly unbelievable. It has taken steps to block the use of certain words that may offend the feelings of some people. Of course a spokesman for the Department of Education insists this is not censorship. Companies that prepare tests used in NYC schools have told not use over 4 dozen of these words. What are some of those words?

Dinosaur - people who don't believe in evolution might be offended

Halloween - supposedly supports Paganism, that might bother some

Birthday - Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate them

Divorce - a student taking the test may be from a split marriage

Disease - a student might have a sick relative

Wealth - might create jealousy

Poverty - poor kids might be offended

Terrorism - might make a student fearful

Slavery - too uncomfortable

All I can ask is what are the kids going to do when they get out in the real word and encounter most of these things? They'll have no basis for making sound decisions. This is in the same league as having no winners or losers in kids sports. Hey - the real world doesn't operate like that, for what it's worth, and kids might just as well learn now how to deal with it.


22 Mar 12: All right - I want to hear the left (Pelosi, Maddow, Schultz and their ilk) continue their gushing praise for the Occupy Wall Street thugs after OWS's latest outrage. A week ago several Occupiers dumped a large bucket filled with human exrement and urine down a stairway at open-air plaza in New York City. A hour later another bucket of the same foul mess was dumped in the ATM lobby of a Chase Bank. I'm not making this up - read all about it in the New York Post. Surveillance cameras captured both events, even getting the license number of the van used to deliver the buckets. That led to the arrest of the van's driver. In an interesting twist, it seems the same van was being used to deliver food to the occupiers! Hmmm, remind me not to have lunch with them.


15 Mar 12: Ask me if I'm surprised: A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the cost of Obamacare over the next decade will be DOUBLE what he said it would be. Obama assured us the cost would be 900 billion dollars; the the new CBO reports says it will be 1.76 trillion dollars!


14 Mar 12: Have you looked at the cardboard tube around which your toilet paper is wound? It sure looks a lot bigger than it used to. I'm convinced the manufacturers have once again scammed us with what amounts to a price increase by decreasing the amount of the product being sold.


9 Mar 12: More on the Limbaugh imbroglio: now Sen Carl Levin wants to have Limbaugh's show removed from the Armed Forces Network, a primary source of news for our troops deployed overseas. This comes at the same time that President Obama's PAC has accepted a one-million dollar contribution from the foul-mouthed Bill Maher, who has repeatedly bashed conservative women such as Sarah Palin. Just another example of the left's double-standard on civil discourse.


7 Mar 12: Last week Rush Limbaugh got a little carried away in the debate over the government's role in providing contraception and refered to a woman as a slut and a prostitute....and of course the MSM (mainstream media) has gone nutzo in denouncing Limbaugh. But....How come we haven't heard the MSM railing against those lovely ladies of ABC's "The View" for calling Laura Ingram a slut. Nor have the MSM commented on Robert J Kennedy Jr calling Senator James Inhofe a prostitute for his stance on the ridiculously high proposed mileage standards. Seems to me the left has quite a double-standard when it comes to name-calling.


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