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May 2012

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18 May 12: A little research on the good ole internet reveals just how dedicated our elected officials are to conducting the affairs of state: Betweeen today and the November election, the House will be in session 47 days! That's an average of about 9 days a month. Wow! Wish I could have kept a schedule like that when I was working. The Senate does a little better, with 81 days scheduled. But considering its dismal record in passing a budget (none in over 1100 days), I don't expect the Senate to be any more productive than the House. And oh yes, don't forget the lame duck session after the election - I can't even begin to image what dreadful things these guys will come up with knowing that they are no longer accountable to the voters.


17 May 12: Our political philosophy has become "Privatize the gains, socialize the risks". Such a deal - it definitely shows that big business and banking have bought themselves (by paying off those who were elected to represent you and me) a fantasticly great deal. Can you say "bailouts"?


10 May 12: Isn't the choice of words used by politicans and the media interesting? When conservatives are charged with changing their position on some subject, the term used is "flip-flopping". But when liberals have a change in viewpoint on something, they haven't flip-flopped, they have "evolved".


4 May 12: Hmmmm, coincidence or not? President Obama has finally settled on his campaign slogan - "Forward". Are you familiar with the use of that word? It has been used by a number of socialist organizations in the past. According to Wikipedia: "The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications." The coincidences don't stop there - the announced kick-off of the 2012 Obama re-election campaign is May 5th. May 5th is the birthday of Karl Marx.


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