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September 2012

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27 Sep 12: Have you heard of the OIC - Organization of the Islamic Conference? Basically it's a group of 56 Islamic countries that see themselves as the foundation for the long-awaited world Caliphate. One of their little projects is to secure passage of UN Resolution 16/18, which would ban defamation of religions. In 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US could not support the resolution, saying it would restrict free speech. Fast-forward to 2011 and Hillary has had a change of heart - she met with OIC officials and said that the US WOULD support the UN resolution. So much for free speech in America. What I'd really like to know is what led to Hillary's reversal? This is just another example of the Obama adminstration's desire to suborn the sovereignty of the US to that of the UN.


23 Sep 12: Remember that so-called great art photograph of a crucifix soaked in the artist's urine, "Piss Christ", that appeared back in 1989? We'll, it's back, opening at a NYC gallery this coming Thursday. Now it seems to me that that this tasteless bit of "art" is an attack on Christianity, much like the recent anti-Muhammad video is an attack on Islam. So why hasn't President Obama spoken out against this? He sure had plenty to say about the video. It's all right to demean some religions, but not others, I guess. Hmmm, I wonder - is Buddhism "in" or "out"?


22 Sep 12: The Boston Globe (see - I DO read a liberal rag!) ran a story this morning about all those poor people who find their cell phone bills are much higher than they expected....thanks to their thirst for surfing the web, texting their friends and yakking incessantly while ramming into you with their grocery cart at the local market. The article says people are letting medical and energy bills fall behind so they can pay their phone bill. Even Obama has joined this fray, saying last April that phone bills shouldn't be as high as one's mortgage or rent. (Look out, Verizon, Sprint and ATT - Obama will soon be taking you over.) One woman was quoted as saying that she couldn't afford the $200 cancellation fee to change carriers so she could save $100 a month. Duh! The article never points out the reason for the cancellation fee, mainly that the company is giving you a free or cheap phone and they need to recoup the cost of it over the life of the contract. Maybe that woman should have read her contract. Maybe these people need to learn a little self-control: no texting, no about using the phone for what it was originally intended.....talking to other people? Why do they give a phone to their teenagers and then act so surprised when the kid runs up a hellacious bill? If I were to get a phone for my teenager, it would be a simple, talk-only, phone that could only call home. If the kid wants more than that, he/she can figure out how to pay for it. Sorry, Globe, I don't feel one ounce of pity for these self-indulgent people.


19 Sep 12: Why can't liberals discuss their views? I was recently visiting a long-time friend who is way over there on the left. We went out for a walk after breakfast and at one point I asked "So what do you think of the current state of things in the country". "Well, Ted," she says, "let's just say it's a beautiful morning and let it go at that." Gee, that was no fun.


16 Sep 12: Victoria, TX: a teacher hung a US flag on the wall of the classroom....a flag over-printed with the likeness of Barack Obama. And saw nothing wrong with that. After receiving several emails about the flag, the principal went to the classroom and removed the flag. So a teacher sees no harm in defacing a flag in direct violation of the US Flag Code.


15 Sep 12: I'm trying to figure this one out: a few days ago the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were murdered. Obama spokesman Jay Carney comes out and says "This is not a case of protests directed at the United States." Excuse me, Jay, killing the US ambassador is not an action against the US??? Wow!


14 Sep 12: I just love the left's powerful use of debate and discussion to present their well-thought out agenda. The latest example of this comes from Liberal Fox News legal analyst Tamara Holder, who said that fellow network contributor Michelle Malkin is “angry” and “probably needs to get laid.” Instead of countering Malkin's comments with sensible arguments, Holder can only resort to name-calling and character assassination. Too bad liberals can't make a straight-forward case for their views.


12 Sep 12: Three cheers for LL Bean, that great retailer based in Freeport, Maine. I've been shopping there for 50 years, starting with middle-of-the-night forays there back in my college days. One of their best claims to fame is their guarantee of total satisfaction. Three or four years ago I bought a pair of slip-on waterproof rubber mocassins. About a year ago, the rubber began to crack. So yesterday we found ourselves in Freeport and I took the mocs in to show them the problem. The immediate response was that yes, they had had problems with those shoes and they gave me a new pair. Too bad it's so seldom that you find a company that stands unconditionally behind its products.


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