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August 2013

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31 Aug 13: The National Park Service recently issued new regulations regarding the use of public waters for baptisms, requiring a license and 48 hours notification. Such requirements were NOT levied on swimmers or fishermen. Meanwhile thousands of public dollars are being support in direct support of Islam: universities and airports, for example, are installing foot-baths so Muslims can wash their feet before their prayers. The University of Michigan at Dearborn has spent $25,000 on foot-baths. San Francisco International Airport has renovated a building to create a house of worship for Muslim workers. So the government is telling us "Christians bad, Muslims good." John Adams had it right: "Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." PS: After a US Congressman intervened, the Park Service did rescind the regulation.


27 Aug 13: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a prime example of what's wrong with Washington. He has added a jobs training package to the tune of $1.5 Billion to the immigration bill now being considered. What that has to do with immigration is beyond me, but obviously pork still rules.


26 Aug 13: STAY OUT OF SYRIA!!! Our Nobel Peace Prize winning president seems to be changing his colors a bit, at the urgings of our hawkish politicians like John McCain. Some considerations: 1. What good are a few cruise missiles going to do? 2. There are no "good" guys there to arm; anything we give the rebels will end up in the hands of terrorists. 3. Why isn't this a problem  for the United Nations? If it won't address it, then we should live by the consensus vote of the world's governments. And we should then pull out of the UN!


22 Aug 13: As Nancy Pelosi said during the Obamacare battle a few years ago, "You have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." It seems that Obamacare is turning out to be the gift that just keeps on giving. The latest revelation is that some major employers such as UPS and the University of Virginia (UVA) have told employees the company will no longer pay for health care for spouses, if the spouses can get it on their own.  UVA says the increases in healthcare costs associated with Obamacare will come to $7.3 million. Once again we see how hollow the Dear One's words were when he said "If you like the healthcare you have now, you can keep it."


16 Aug 13: A few days ago the Dear One announced that he was appointing an "independent review" of the nation's surveillance technologies. Who does he name to head this "independent review"? James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence! This is the same James Clapper who a few months ago flat-out lied to Congress when asked if the government collected any type of data on millions of Americans, saying "no." Obviously Mr. Clapper brings a totally unbiased viewpoint to his new task....just as the fox would perform a responsible review of procedures in the hen-house.


13 Aug 13: I'm not sure I understand why the Dear One is so beloved by the Occupy Wall Street crowd. His executive actions with regard to the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act certainly favor the 1%, not the 99%. He recently gave big businesses a year's delay in having to provide insurance under the terms of the law; the Office of Personnel Management recently agreed that members of Congress and their staffs, although mandated to join the exchanges, will receive a hefty subsidy to make up the cost, and we just learned that he tried to hide a decision that delays consumer protections for a year, allowing insurance companies to charge whatever they want. And the little folks like you and me - we get screwed. No delays, no breaks for us.


9 Aug 13: Where are Revs Sharpton and Jackson now? We've recently seen the video of last month's schoolbus beating of a white youth by three blacks. Yet Jesse and Al haven't uttered a word about it. They sure were vocal about the Zimmerman-Martin case, though - what hypocrites!


7 Aug 13: All through last year's presidential campaign the Dear One repeatedly claimed that the War on Terror was over - he had killed Bin Laden and Al Queda was decimated and on the run. Even the Benghazi debacle didn't seem to change that claim. But my question is - if Al Queda has been vanquished, why has the US closed embassies all through the Middle East and north Africa? We're the laughing stock of the world these days - all the bad guys have to do is "chatter" about doing something to the US and we cower and run.


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