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December 2013

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30 Dec 13: The Democratic National Committee is running scared: over the weekend it sent out an email to Obama for America supporters urging them to vote for Democratic senators and representatives. If they don't, the DNC says the Republicans will try to impeach Obama. And so they should!


17 Dec 13: Here's a letter I sent to my two senators this morning:

Dear Senator ……

Before you decide to pick the taxpayers’ pockets for even more revenue, please review the list below of just a very few examples of why you should not. In just a few minutes I was able to come up with over SEVENTY-ONE BILLION dollars that have been totally wasted by YOU. These items are obviously only the tip of the iceberg. How dare you ask for more? I am positive that a panel of one hundred citizens, without any political gain to be had, could balance the budget in a week.

$1,000,000        State Department sculpture for London embassy

$297,000,000     Army blimp - scrapped

$211,000,000     AF blimp - scrapped

$10,400,000      Army incinerator - scrapped

$34,000,000      Military HQ building in Afghanistan, never used, abandoned

$630,000           State Department Facebook “Like” campaign

$100,000,000     Obama family trip to Africa

$3,500,000,000  Back taxes owed by federal employees

$10,000,000      GM bailout stock loss

$415,000           State Department liquor purchases

$822,000           GSA Las Vegas conference

$50,000,000      IRS conferences 2010-2012

$56,000,000      HHS conferences

$72,700,000      VA conferences

$320,000,000     ACA website - (so far) - should have been $10 million tops to build

$1,703,524,000 Green energy losses - at a minimum

$793,000           US Marshall’s Service - promotional items

$1,200,000,000  Disability overpayments

$42,000,000,000 CA rail project

$27,000,000      Train Moroccans to design and make pottery

$4,500,000,000 Improper food stamp payments

$700,000           NSF - musical about climate change

$300,000           USDA to promote caviar

$3,000,000        DOL - promote unions in Iraq

$14,000,000,000 DOL - unemployment benefits overpayments

$2,700,000,000  DOD - software to update antiquated financial ledgers - doesn't work

$82,000,000      HHS - National Medicaid Audit Program - spent 102M, collected 19.4M

$29,000,000      HHS - Medicare Part D payments to illegal aliens

$125,000,000     HHS - improper Medicare payments for illegals, prisoners

$200,000           Wine and culinary center in Washington state

$113,000           Video-game preservation center in NY

$550,000           Documentary on how rock music contributed to collapse of Soviet Union




5 Dec 13: At the end of September...and the government's fiscal we stumbled toward the government shutdown, the US State Department issued contracts for more than a million dollars for art for embassies! One contract was to Irish-born sculptor Sean Scully for a cool one million dollars for a stone sculpture for the new US embassy in London. This is the same State Department that won't spend money to protect its assets around the world, such as the Benghazi consulate.

This is the same government that now wants to close military commissaries in the United States. This is where our military members get their groceries. Obama doesn't want to take care of our military members, but he's OK with buying art.


3 Dec 12: Tthe government runs out of money on Jan. 15; the farm bill, a $1 trillion five-year measure that includes food stamps, is under debate; the National Defense Authorization Act has yet to be settled; transfers of Guantanamo Bay detainees; tougher sanctions on Iran; the Water Resources Reform and Development Act; the expiration of extended unemployment benefits for 2 million Americans, , along with a host of individual and corporate tax breaks and, of course, there's always immigration reform. These all seem like rather important issues that need to be resolved, yet apparently our Congress doesn't think so. The House returned to DC last night and will recess for Christmas on 13 Dec, while the Senate comes back from its extended Thanksgiving break next week and heads home again for Christmas on the 20th. Thus there are only FIVE days when both houses will be in session at the same time. So all these issues are going to be settled in 5 days.  Wow !!


2 Dec 13: Oh my, did you listen yesterday to the Obamacare website gang's report on the incredible progress they've made improving the site. Why, sakes alive, 80% of the folks who try to get will succeed. Guess they don't care about about the other 20% of people who have received cancellation notices but can't get on the Obamacare site to enroll. Can you imagine if eBay or Amazon had such dismal websites that only 80% of customers could get on and place an order - they would be out of business in a flash! These Obama clowns can't even launch a useable web site; how on earth can we expect them to run the whole healthcare package?


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