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June 2013

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29 Jun 13: Well, that Egypt thing is wroking ouit quite well, isn't it? Yeah, right. We backed the overthrow of an admitted tyrant, but at least he was vaguely friendly to the US and was the only guy to make peace with Isreal. Now we have the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama is determined to support, in power. Last week, Egyptian courts sentenced 43 staff members of pro-democracy non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including 16 Americans, to prison terms of up to five years for their activities to support civil society and democracy after Egypt’s 2011 revolution. An American student was killed a few days ago, caught in the cross-fire of demonstrations. The State Department has issued a travel warning. Yet Obama plans to proceed with billions in aid to Egypt. Cut 'em off!!


27 Jun 13: The government propaganda machine is in action: the Los Angeles school system plans to spend $990,000 to train teenagers in the Affordable Health Care Act with the intent being that they will go home and teach their parents about the law. That's almost a million dollars of indoctrination - is this what our schools are for? And what happens to the kid who refuses to go along with this? Will he or she flunk health class? As for the state of California, they're set to spend $37 million to "sell" Obamacare.


26 Jun 13: Well, it's now official: the War on Coal is off and running. King Obama announced yesterday that he plans to implement sweeping energy policy changes that Congress won't.  Much of his initiative is focused on shutting down the coal industry in this country. Never mind that the US burns only one-eighth of the world's coal and thus contributes only one-eighth of the world's coal emissions. Projections show that if the US achieved zero emissions immediately, the decrease in the average global temperature by 2050 would a rousing 0.08 dregrees Celsius. For that Obama is willing to throw 500,000 workers out of their jobs, increase the cost of electricity by 20% and give more taxpayer money to his beloved green energy projects....most of whom go broke anyway. Meanwhile the rest of the world keeps on puffing away with coal and within seven years would replace US emissions.


17 Jun 13: According to the Washington Post, the Obama family's upcoming trip to Africa could be the most expensive presidential junket in history, costing possibly as much as $100 million dollars - wow! An aircraft carrier with a full medical trauma center  will be stationed off the coast, fighter jets will circle overhead 24 hours a day, 56 support vehicles including 14 limousines and three trucks loaded with bullet-proof glass to cover hotel windows where the first family will stay. My question is: how come sequester hasn't limited crap like this?


13 Jun 13: Today we learned that some members of Congress and their staffs are considering retiring before the end of the year becasue of Obamacare. Yeap, they're not happy at the prospect of drastically increased health insurance premiums next year. Hmmm, too bad they hadn't read the bill before they voted on it.


6 Jun 13: Hmm, let's see - lots to muse about these days: Obama's Rice and Powers nominations, Attorney General Holder, HHS Secretary Sibelius and the lung-transplant controversy, the IRS. And the winner is....none of the above. How about the news that the National Security Agency (NSA) got a top secret order from the Foreign Inteliigence Surveillance Court that forces Verizon to turn over to it records on the phone calls of ALL Verizon customers for a three month period - April 25 to July 19? Why ALL customers? Who knows - it's a big secret. Seems to be a big over-reach if you ask me. Big Brother is listening.


4 Jun 13: Isn't Obama's pledge for greater governmental transparency working out just swell? Now we're learning that most of the big shots in charge of executive departments use fake, hidden email addresses to conduct official business. They do it, they say, because they get so much unofficial and junk email that they can't find the official stuff. Call me cynical, but I'll wager they do it because they don't want any official record of their nefarious dealings. And here's a good one: Marissa Hopkins Secreto - that's really the name of the Treasury Department spokeswoman who refused to answer the AP's questions about secret emails. And one more: Isn't it interesting that the government wants to see what's in James Rosen's emails, but it doesn't want James Rosen to see what's in its emails?


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