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November 2013

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22 Nov 13: A bonus Musing today - I just have to comment on the latest Obamacare news. He's now going to delay the 2015 enrollment period by one month next year. Gee, how convenient - instead of everyone getting their cancellation or premiums increase notices in October, they'll get them in November....just AFTER the mid-term election! Hmmm, any chance this is a purely political decision to protect vulnerable Democrats? These guys will stoop to any level to stay in power. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said in a statement: "If Obamacare is so great, why are Democrats so scared of voters knowing its consequences?" Wouldn't it be great if the insurance companies had the guts to send out those notices in October anyway?


22 Nov 13: Obama was certainly correct when he said he was going to fundamentally transform the United States. We've watched him totally ignore the Constitution (this guy taught constitutional law???) and now with the help of his trusty henchman Harry Reid, he's blown the Constitution completely out of the water. The Senate was not intended to be a "majority rules" institution, but rather the Founders intended it to foster bipartisan support by forcing the majorilty to have to deal with the minority party. I agree that perhaps the GOP has been a bit obstructionist when it comes to confirming Obama's nominees, but what would you expect after the way they were treated during the heatlhcare debate and the dirty tricks the Dems used to pass it? The Dems just better remember that what goes around, comes around.


16 Nov 13: Way back in the days when you were supposedly being educated, do you recall reading Plato's "Republic"? In it, he talks about the need for leaders to lie about their plans because the common folk just don't have the wisdom to understand what's best for them. So there ya' go - Obama was just following an ancient script when he decided to lie to us about Obamacare. We're too stupid to know that those old insurance plans we had were really "suibstandard" and we needed more. Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry - why do these "elites" think they're so damn smart?


15 Nov 13: " As Obamacare Turns" - Can you hear that great theme song from "As the World Turns"? The Affordable Health Care Act is turning out to be much more entertaining than any soap opera. We certainly are seeing how totally incompetent our president is and how immoral he is, willing to lie to any length.


10 Nov 13: Have you ever wondered how a totally incompetent company from Canada, CGI, got its hands on the $93 million contract to set up the Obamacare web site? A company that the province of Ontario fired after 14 months when it couldn't deliver as promised? A company that has garnered $678 million in Medicare contracts through a loophole in our worthless contracting laws? Hmmm - it couldn't be because Michelle Obama and CGI senior VP, Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, were classmates at Princeton in the class of '85? This couldn't happen under the president who promised us the most open and transparent governent in history. The president who vowed that it would NOT be business as usual in his administration. Just more lies, I guess - business as usual.


6 Nov 13: Well, the healthcare cat is out of the bag: we now know that over three years ago the Dear One's staff knew the boss was lying to the American public with his claim that "If you like your health plan, you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep him....period." And now he lies even more, claiming that he never said that, saying that there was an "if" attached to it. Well, not one of the many videos of BO's claims includes that "if". First he lies, now he lies about the lie. This guy is the president of the US?


2 Nov 13: Did you know that you and I as taxpayers have spent over half a billion dollars to develop gigantic blimps that could stay aloft for days over the battlefield, watching all that was going on below? Yes, we did....and got absoutely nothing for it! The Army spent $297 million on its version and the Air Force $211 million - both have been scrapped as being unfeasible. I don't see why we should get stuck footing the bill and get nothing for it. It's bad enough paying for some of these hare-brained ideas even when they do sort-of work out. The Army and the Air Force should each have their current budgets reduced by the costs of the failed blimps - make them pay for them. The same should apply to any failed program - the responsible agency should have to eat the costs. As always in DC, there is no accountability for failed policies and programs.


1 Nov 13: Did you watch Obama's hack, Kathleen Sibelius, testify the other day? What a joke. When repeatedly asked about Obamacare sign-up numbers, she refused to provide any.  Now we know why: the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed documents that show that on the first day of enrollment, 1 Oct, a whopping six people had signed up. By the end of the next day, it had reached 248. So  out of all those millions of people that Obama claims are desparate for health insurance, 248 signed up in the first 48 hours. Not an impressive start.

And who is the idiot that decided that people had to give up all their private information BEFORE being able shop for plans?

One more thing: how about Obama's claims that if you like your cuurent plan, you could keep it? He's been spouting that line for 4 years, yet documents show that he knew in 2010 that was not true. Our president flat-out lied to us! As many as 93 million people stand to lose their current plans - read the article for your self.

The Dear One claims his plans are better than what folks used to have. Well, I guess if you think having single men pay for maternity coverege and women pay for prostate exams makes sense, then maybe it's better.

Now we know why these Obamacare deadlines didn't kick in until this year: if this had happened a year ago, in the month before the election, he would have have been booted out in a heartbeat.


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