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January 2014

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28 Jan 14: The State of the Union Address is this evening. I'm so excited. Can't wait to see our president admit to impeachable acts. We know he's going to rail against income inequality, thus admitting he's a Marxist. But even more important will be his pronouncements that he's going to do all sorts of things, such as grant amnesty to illegal aliens and raise the minimum wage that federal contractors must pay....all without Congress. How many times now have we heard him say if Congress won't act, he will. Despite the limitations of the US Constitution. Not bad from a so-called Constitutional lawyer.


19 Jan 14: According to the Associated Press, Obama and his gang of merry men are spending nearly $700 million dollars to advertise the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act. I don't get it.....why is there a need to advertise at all? First of all, Obama claims that this is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread; if it's so wonderful, then advertising isn't needed - people will be flocking to sign-up. And the other thing is that it's a mandatory program. If it's mandatory why does he have to make a sale pitch? And don't forget - that's OUR $684 million dollars.


17 Jan 14: So much for the New York Times, that bastion of liberal crap. Their latest blunder, in an attempt to protect dear Hillary, was a story about Benghazi, sticking to pal Obama's claim that the attack was the result of that insulting video. Well, reports from two congressional committees in the past few days have blown that theory out of the water. The Department of Defense knew it was a terrorist attack within 15 minutes and Obama was told that a few minutes later. But gee whiz, with an election only a few weeks away and having already claimed that Al Queda was on the run, Obama certainly wasn't prepared to admit otherwise. His "on the run" claim reminds me of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" faux pas, which of course the left assailed mercilessly. Wonder why they don't go after Obama for making a similar claim? Our government and our media are both totally corrupt and lie to us with no reservations at all. Pretty sad!


15 Jan 14: Yesterday I received a very sad email from a good friend. We first met Ed and Carol about nine years ago at a Lazy Daze rally. Since then we've run into them a number of times all over the country, sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. A year or two after we met them Carol suffered a stroke, but that didn't stop them from traveling in their beloved LD. The last I knew, about ten days ago, they had arrived in Quartzite to spend some time in the sun and warmth with a bunch of other LD'ers. Apparently Carol had a problem and they decided to leave early and get back home to Colorado. Along the way they came to the sad realization that it was time give up their travels and stay close to home. I can only imagine what a difficult decision that was; I've thought about that in our own lives and it will be a tough, sad day when we have to make the same decision. We treasure the friendship we've shared with Ed and Carol over the years and will miss meeting up with them occasionally. We love you guys and wish you the very best.


6 Jan 14: What a nice birthday present our president has given the First Lady: a few extra days in Hawaii. Seems to me it's the taxpayers who are giving her the present. After all, we're picking up the cost of an extra flight of an Air Force aircraft  out to Hawaii to bring her home. The cost of the flight out and back, the Secret Service detail required and other costs could easily make our gift to Michelle worth over a million dollars!


3 Jan 14: Sections 1341 and 1342 of the Affordable Care Act - do you know what they say? Section 1341 provides for a $63 a head tax on insurers, obviously a tax that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher premiums. But Section 1342 is the biggie: it mandates a major taxpayer payout covering up to 80 percent of insurance-company losses! So we taxpayers are going to pay billions of dollars to the insurance companies when Obamacare fails to sign up the young and healthy folks that are needed to pay for the older and sicker population. Way to go, liberals.

The GOP should make repeal of these two sections their only demand in the upcoming debt ceiling debate. Let Obama decide if he's willing to shut down the government to save his flawed ACA.


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