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July 2014

mrtoad balance

10 Jul 14: "I'm not interested in photo ops." That's what Obama said yesterday about not visiting the border during his fund-raising trip to Texas. Hmmm, I wonder what he calls the pool and beer pictures from Denver the day before? What does he call the Rose Garden photos with alleged Army deserter Bo Bergdahl's parents? What does he call the Obamacare announcement with all the doctors in their white coats standing behind him? “It’s not like the president is averse to all photo-ops, we showed you yesterday he was fist bumping with a guy in a gorilla suit, a guy in a horse head showed up, he was drinking beer with the Governor of Colorado. So it is hard for him to say he doesn’t do photo-ops when he’s doing a lot of photo-ops,” CNN's John King joked on CNN’s New Day.


9 Jul 14: 101 days in a Mexican prison! That's how long Marine reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been languishing since his mistaken border crossing. And our president will not lift a finger to secure his release. This is the same president that made a deal with terrorists to release the top 5 Gitmo detainees in return for alleged Army deserter Bo Bergdahl. Obama has also proved that the White House on-line petition process is a joke. Despite the fact that well over the required 100,000 signatures were obtained, Obama has ignored it. Shame on him for allowing Tahmooressi to remain in that jail.


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