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June 2014

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27 Jun 14: Yesterday the US Supreme Court struck down Massachusetts' 35' free speech buffer zone law at abortion clinics. So a woman has no right to approach a clinic without in-your-face protesters menacing her from just inches away. But here's the real kicker: that same Supreme Court has its own free speech buffer zone outside its building - 250 feet!


14 Jun 14: Thousands of lives, billions of dollars.....tiotally wasted. Iraq is fast becoming the home of the Islamic Caliphate with its strict sharia law. These ISIL guys are far worse than Saddam Hussein. The military equipment we left for the Iraqi army is fast falling into the hands of these terrorists. My cat could have predicted this would happen after the US pullout.

Another subject: while Obama and his team are doing their best to portray Sgt Bowe Bergdahl as a great guy, although perhaps with some mental issues, Marine reservist Andrew Tahmooressi languishes in a Mexican prison more than two months after making the wrong turn at the border. Why won't Obasma pick up his infamous phone and call Mexico's president?


13 Jun 14: Just about every day we hear of yet another wasting of our money. Some amounts are bigger than others, but they all add up. Today's example is the US Navy, which back in 2010 spent $3 million on inflatable boats to be used in Afghanistan to patrol border along rivers. The boats never got there - they're sitting in a warehouse in Virginia. But the kicker is that the same boats sell here in the US for about $50,000. So who is the idiot that approved spending $375,000 apiece for them? Has he/she been repirmanded, suspended or better yet....fired?


13 Jun 14: A bonus thought for today: what's with the celebration this week of the 20th anniversary of the famous OJ slow-speed Bronco chase? CNN even did a special on it. Who cares??


12 Jun 14: Back during the 2008 campaign, both HRC and Obama stated their opposition to gay marriage. But as the political winds have shifted, so have they. But why can't they just admit it? Hillary got quite upset the other day during an interview with NPR's Terry Gross who pressed her about her stand. Although she came up with all sorts of mumbo-jumbo about "evolving", etc, she refused to admit straight-out that she had once been against gay marriage. Just be honest, Hillary,; honesty we could respect, but not this garbage.


2 Jun 14: What a deal! Obama just traded Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for the the top five detainees at Guantanamo Bay. So we agreed to swap an apparent Army deserter for 5 key Al Queda leaders. Wow! And oh yes, what happened to the requirement that Congress be informed 30 days prior to the release of GITMO detainees? Well, I'll wager that this is the opening of the GITMO gates that will end up with Obama letting them all go before his term is up. Congress be damned!


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