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March 2014

mrtoad balance

19 Mar 14: I've been thinking back to my grammar school days and lessons about civics, government and history. Seems like I remember learning that Congress passes laws and the President enforces them. Of course that is no longer the case, as in recent history presidents of both parties have used "signing statements" to say they disagree with some part of the bill being signed and wil not enforce that part. Obama has taken that art form to new heights with his presidential directives. Anyway, I'm finding it very interesting that these days Congress passes a law and the president maybe enforces it, maybe he doesn't. Obama has become a master at changing laws passed by Congress - look at all the changes to Obamacare. But....Congress is powerless to change laws that it has passed, for Obama will merely veto those changes! If the GOP wins the Senate and keeps the house, they will still be almost powerless against King Obama. About the only power they would have would be over the King's nominees.  And impeachment!!


18 Mar 14: It's been interesting to watch Putin annex the Crimea region of the Ukraine saying that he has to protect the safety of ethnic Russians there. Hmmm, perhaps Mexico ought to make a similar decision about its citizens in the Southwest US and annex Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. I'd sorta hate to lose Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, but Mexico is certainly welcome to California and its wacky porgressives. would pretty much solve our illegal immigration problem.


14 Mar 14: Have you ever thought about how similar Putin and Obama are? I'm surprised that they're not best buds - two arrogant bullies who do what they want because they know they can get away with it.


11 Mar 14: Hmmm, I wonder what Edward R. Murrow or perhaps Walter Cronkhite, might have to say about their beloved CBS News these days? As I recall, those guys built a reputation on honesty, fairness and following a story no matter where it went. That certainly is NOT the CBS of today. Yesterday's resignation by Sharyl Attkisson shows that CBS News has no interest whatsoever in presenting the truth to the American people and that it is nothig more than a mouthpiece for the liberal, progressive left and will protect Obama no matter what.....just like virtually all the major media.Why did CBS stifle her reporting on Fast and Furious and the Benghazi killings? It's pretty sad that these former stalwarts of the truth now do not want to educate the low-information voters that support the left because they have become dependent upon it.


1 Mar 14:How about that great leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid? So the folks have been screwed by Obamacare are all a bunch of liars, "all of them."


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